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Tray Cable and Instrumentation Cable


Discount Tray Cable & Instrumentation Cable

Discount tray cable and instrumentation cable can be found in the Allied Wire & Cable Bargain Bin! We may be discounting certain lengths, but it’s all the same great quality cable you’ve come to expect from Allied.

Select a part number below to see which cables and lengths are currently available at discounted rates.

Bargain Bin IconUnshielded Multi-Conductor Type TC Tray Cable (600 V)
Part NumberAWG SizeNo. of Cond.No. of StrandsConductor StrandingNom. Insul. Thick. (in)Jacket Thick
TRAY 18-3183770.0150.045
TRAY 14-3143770.0150.045
TRAY 12-3123770.0150.045
TRAY 10-4104770.0150.045
TRAY 10-5105770.0150.060
TRAY 12-2122770.0150.045
TRAY 16-216277/.01920.0150.045
Bargain Bin IconMulti-Conductor Type TC Tray Cable with Overall Foil Shield
Part NumberAWG SizeNo. of Cond.Conductor StrandingNo. of StrandsStrand SizeNom. O.D. (in)
TRAY 16-2-S1627/.019270.01920.2800
TRAY 14-2-S1427/.024270.02420.3140
TRAY 12-2-S1227/.030570.03050.3540
Bargain Bin IconMulti-Paired Tray Cable with Overall Foil Shield
Part NumberAWG SizeConductor StrandingNo. of StrandsStrand SizeNo. of PairsNom. O.D. (in)
TRAY 16-1P-S167/.019270.019210.2670
TRAY 16-2P-S167/.019270.019220.4480
Bargain Bin IconPower Tray Cable, Type TC-ER Cable
Part NumberAWG SizeNo. of Cond.Ground AWG SizeNom. O.D. (in)Jacket ThickApprox LBS/MFT
TRAY 6-3-G6380.69800.060448
TRAY 8-3-G83100.63800.060338
TRAY 12-3-G123120.4080.045126


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