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Plenum Fire Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPLP)

Fire Alarm Cable

Plenum Fire Alarm Cable (NEC Type FPLP)

Plenum Fire Alarm Cable Sample: FPLP-16-2C-S

NEC FPLP Plenum Fire Alarm Cable is available from Allied Wire in Cable in both shielded fire alarm cable and unshielded fire alarm cable versions. In our collection, we offer PVC and PVDF jacketed cables and mid-capacitance cables. All meet NEC Article 760 and FPLP standards. They are rated to 75°C and 300 volts. Our unshielded fire alarm cable may be consistently relied upon. Our shielded alarm cables are excellent products as well, as they offer protection against noise and other outside variables. Whether you choose a shielded or unshielded fire alarm cable, all are approved for plenum installation.

FPLP shielded and unshielded fire alarm cable may be used for many applications, including the wiring of fire alarms, smoke detectors, voice communications, burglar alarms, fire protective circuits, pull boxes, addressable fire alarm systems and more. FPLP Alarm Cable features an abrasion, chemical and water resistant jacket. Sequentially marked footage is included to facilitate installation. For safer cable options, Allied Wire carries Plenum Fire Alarm Cable designed to meet NFPA 262 and CSA FT-6 Steiner Tunnel Fire Tests for Plenum Applications. All Plenum Fire Alarm Cable is also California State Fire Marshall approved.

Have questions about our shielded or unshielded Fire Alarm Cable? Click here to visit our Fire Alarm FAQ page.