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Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable

Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable

Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable Product Approvals:

  • CE
  • RoHS Hook-up WireRoHS Compliant

Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Bare copper strands
  • Core Insulation: Halogen Free Thermoplastic
  • Wrapping: PETP foil
  • Outer Jacket: Halogen Free and Flame Protected Thermoplastic
  • Jacket Color: Purple

Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable Applications:

  • Halogen Free CAN Bus cable is applied for the exchange of digital information, control apparatus net (CAN) for faster data transmission/exchange. Application in power supply cable tracks, highly flexible data cables.

Halogen Free CAN Bus Cable Technical Data:

  • Peak Operating Voltage: max. 350 V
  • Testing Voltage: 1500 V
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 7.5 x O.D.
  • Characteristic Impedance at 1 MHz: 120O ± 10%
  • Temperature Range:
    • Static: -50/+90°C
    • Flexing: -40/+90°C
  • Bending Characteristics: Number of bendings min. 60.000 single bendings
  • Corrosivity: No development of corrosive conflagration gases
  • Flexibility: Very good
  • Application In Cable Tracks: Not recommended
  • Radiation resistance: 5 x 106 cJ/kg
  • Oil resistance: Very good - TM5
  • Weather Resistance: Good
  • Smoke Density: Low
Part Number AWG SizeNo. of Cond.Approx LBS/MFTConductor StrandingNom. O.D. of Cable (in)
281011255-54 24 2 24 15/34 0.224