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Boeing Specs (BMS 13)

BMS 13 Cable from Allied Wire & Cable, part of our line of Boeing Specs Aircraft Cable, is manufactured to meet the Boeing Specs required for certain Aerospace applications. Allied carries nine different types of BMS 13 Aircraft Cable, from general use cable to data bus cable, each designed to meet Boeing specs for various applications in an airplane’s construction. Boeing specs can vary over something as simple as basic construction, such as insulation. Others Boeing specs differ more, using fiber optic cable instead of data bus cable, for example.

BMS 13-67 Cable meets Boeing specs for aircraft cable. It is an insulated fire resistant aircraft cable, meant for high temperature Aerospace applications. This aircraft cable has a maximum temperature of 310°C and is at least Class 1 and maxes out at Class 4.

BMS 13-71 Cable is one of the Boeing specs for Aerospace grade optical fiber cable, separated into two types. The first type ranges from Class 1 to Class 12, and has a maximum temperature rating of 100°C.

Our Data Bus Cable also meets Boeing specs. Data Bus Cable is aircraft cable commonly used for signal transmission.

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