Allied Wire is a proud distributor of Alpha Communication and Control Cable. These multi-conductor cables are rated for up to 300 volts. Alpha Communication Cable is offered in a variety of AWG sizes, conductor counts, and insulation/jacketing materials.

You can find Communication and Control Cables with PVC, LSZH, IRR PVC, SR-PVC, FPP, or FPE insulation. Plenum-rated and LSZH cables are also available. Allied Wire and Cable's selection of Alpha Communication and Control Cable includes 1172C, 1173C, 1174C, 1176C, and 1181/15C. 

Alpha Communication and Control Cable is carried with all the popular shielding options. These multi-conductor cables are available unshielded or with an overall foil, braid, spiral, or foil/braid shield. If you're looking for UL-rated and CSA-approved cable, Communication cable from Alpha Wire and Cable meets CM, CMG, CL2, and other standards. Many of these cables also pass UL VW-1 and CSA FT4 Flame Tests.