Alpha's Flat Cables feature low capacitance, crosstalk, and skew. Alpha Wire manufactures shielded and twisted-to-flat configurations for improved crosstalk performance. Many popular shielding options are available including a foil shield and foil/braid shield. Alpha's Flat Cables are available with either extruded PVC or thermally bonded PVC insulation with a clear PVC covering. They feature either stranded tinned copper conductors or solid bare copper conductors. All of these cables have a temperature range of -40°C to 105°C and a voltage rating of either 150V or 300V.  They also are available to meet UL Styles 2912, 20184, 2678, 20381, and other standards.

Allied Wire and Cable offers a wide range of Alpha Wire products, including a full line of Flat Cable. These cables can save significant space in board-to-board and other interconnect applications within equipment and cabinets.