Alpha's FIT Single Wall Heat Shrink tubing features cross-linked polyolefin and is suitable for the broadest range of general-purpose needs. Alpha constructs FIT Heat Shrinkable Tubing in a variety of heat shrink ratios and heat shrink temperatures, ensuring your specific needs are met. This Single Wall FIT tubing is flame-retardant and passes the UL VW-1 Flame Test, making it a safe option for your next application.

Alpha's FIT Single Wall Heat Shrink Tubing is available in low-shrink temperature, ground-lead identification, and thin wall options. It also has excellent corrosion, UV light, and moisture resistance. FIT-321 V Shrink Tubing features a fast recovery time, while FIT-421 tubing easily conforms to irregular shapes. If you need Heat Shrinkable Tubing that meets certain specifications, FIT Single Wall Heat Shrink is offered in UL 224 and CSA 198 styles.

The Alpha FIT Single Wall Cross-Linked Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing is available through Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized Alpha Wire distributor.