Alpha PVC Hook-Up Wire is available from Allied Wire and Cable, an authorized distributor of Alpha Wire products. We offer many different types of Alpha PVC Hook-Up Wire, allowing you to choose a suitable product from a variety of options.

If you're looking for UL Style PVC Hook Up Wire, Alpha manufactures several types including UL AWM Styles 1007, UL 1015, UL 1028, UL 1283, and UL 1569. Many of these UL Style PVC Hook-Up Wires are also CSA AWM approved. Alpha Wire also carries PVC Hook-Up Wire that follows MIL-DTL-16878/1, MIL-DTL-16878/2, MIL-DTL-16878/17, and MIL-W-76 specifications.

Alpha PVC Hook-Up Wire features PVC, S-R PVC, or combination PVC/Nylon insulation. Type B MIL-DTL-16878/1 Hook Up Wire is rated for operating temperatures between -55°C and +105°C and has tinned copper conductors. Alpha Wire manufactures MIL-W-76 Hook Up Wire in sizes ranging from 14 AWG to 8 AWG. Type C MIL-DTL-16878/2 Hook Up Wire is rated for up to 600 volts while MIL-DTL-16878/3 Hook Up Wire is rated for as high as 3000 volts.