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Part Number: E18 19

E18 19 18 Gauge MIL-W-16878/4 | NEMA HP3 Type E Wire

Our E18 19 18 gauge wire is part of our Hook Up Wire / Lead Wire line and is also military rated with a Mil-Spec number of M16878/4BHE. This M16878/4BHE is a 18 awg wire with a silver plated copper conductor with a 19/30 stranding, PTFE insulation, and a nominal outside diameter of 0.069. Weighing approximately 8 lbs/MFT, M16878/4BHE is easy to install due to its small size and slippery surface. These cables are generally used in high temperature electronic applications and are ideal for high frequency applications due to their low power loss.

M16878/4BHE Specifications: (subject to change without notice)
AWG Size 18
Conductor Stranding 19/30
No. of Strands 19
Strand Size 30
No. of Cond. 1
Nom. O.D. (in) 0.0690
Nom. Insul. Thick. (in) 0.010
Approx LBS/MFT 8.00
Mil-Spec # M16878/4BHE
UL Style 1213
Mil-Spec M16878/4
Min. Temp -55°C
Max. Temp 200°C
Cond. Material Silver-Coated Copper
Insul. Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
NEMA Type HP3 Type E
Comments Per specification, Type E wire has splices. If continuous lengths are needed, please ask.
Availability Allied Wire carries a large stock of all colors of 18 AWG M16878/4BHE wire:
Striped combination also available!
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1000 FT$1,686.72E18 19Add To Cart
82 FT$138.31BlackM16878/4-BHE-0Add To Cart
91 FT$153.49BlueM16878/4-BHE-6Add To Cart
65 FT$109.64BrownM16878/4-BHE-1Add To Cart
85 FT$143.37BrownM16878/4-BHE-1Add To Cart
55 FT$92.77GreenM16878/4-BHE-5Add To Cart
80 FT$134.94GreenM16878/4-BHE-5Add To Cart
95 FT$160.24GreyE18 19Add To Cart
80 FT$134.94RedM16878/4-BHE-2Add To Cart
48 FT$80.96WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
52 FT$87.71WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
65 FT$109.64WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
70 FT$118.07WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
75 FT$126.50WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
76 FT$128.19WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
84 FT$141.68WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
92 FT$155.18WhiteM16878/4-BHE-9Add To Cart
500 FT$843.36Whitewith Blue StripeAdd To Cart
1000 FT$1,686.72Whitewith Blue StripeAdd To Cart
46 FT$77.59YellowM16878/4-BHE-4Add To Cart
65 FT$109.64YellowM16878/4-BHE-4Add To Cart