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5G Applications

The road to 5G is paved by network infrastructure upgrades. Allied Wire & Cable has 5G cabling solutions to help companies get ahead of the curve and upgrade cell sites and antennas as economically as possible while also futureproofing these sites for future network upgrades past 5G. Allied Wire & Cable has a number of wireless network cable solutions that can be custom built to fit the needs of both macro and small cell site needs. We are a leader in the wire and cable industry making us the perfect partner for network infrastructure upgrades.

5G Network Architecture Solutions

Allied Wire & Cable is committed to helping improve telecommunications architecture across the telecommunications spectrum. We stock wire and cable specifically designed for high durability and long life in telecommunications. Our cables are capable of delivering more bandwidth and higher speeds to keep up with the inevitable migration to 5G. 

We are always anticipating what's next. From hybrid FTTA cables to fiber optic backhaul that can reach speeds up to 100 Gbps, we are leading the way in wireless network cabling for the telecommunications industry. From innovative cell site power solutions to high capacity DAS networks and high-speed fiber backhaul solutions Allied Wire & Cable is your partner for wireless network cable solutions.  

Macro Cell Sites

Learn More About Macro Cell Cables

Our macro cell solutions include cable solutions for current cell site architecture and cable solutions for upgrading macro sites so that these sites can handle the extra bandwidth of the upcoming 5G network. Current macro sites will need critical infrastructure upgrades and new macro sites will need the latest in wireless network cabling to handle the extra capacity and coverage needed for the 5G network. Allied is here to help find the best 

Small Cell Sites

Learn More About Small Cell Cables

Mobile network small cell sites will be leading the way in the evolution of the 5G edge network. Small cells will need to be ultra reliable with low latency as we start to depend more and more on mobile networks. Because small cells can vary by size, RF range and infrastructure placement Allied offers a number of custom small cell cables along with power cable, fiber cable and coax suitable for small cell mobile networks. 

Base Stations

Learn More About Base Station Cables

As the gateway between a wired network and wireless network base stations are a critical part of network architecture. Allied Wire & Cable has everything you need to upgrade your base station components ahead of the 5G network. High capacity fiber backhaul is going to become the norm in future networks and advanced CRAN fronthaul will require high capacity fiber cable of hybrid fiber cable to carry signal and power over long haul distances with minimal loss of signal or power.

DAS Networks

Learn More About DAS Cables

A distributed antenna system (DAS) can be crucial for enterprise level wireless network needs. From large office buildings to mining operations and sports stadiums DAS networks play a critical role in keeping people and companies in contact. While a DAS network transmits a wireless signal it has a backbone network powered by an array of low loss cables that connect access points, a central antenna, and a power source in most applications. Selecting the correct cabling for a DAS backbone network is just as important the initial decision of installing a DAS network. Allied Wire & Cable has high-quality low loss coax, fiber, and power cables to support the largest iDAS and oDAS applications. 

5G Applications

For more information or any questions that you may have, call our 5G division at 833-836-7727.