MIL-STD-681F Color Codes


Preferred color sequence for single wires. 1 2

Identification number Base color First stripe or band Second stripe or band Third stripe or band
0 Black      
1 Brown      
2 Red      
3 Orange      
4 Yellow      
5 Green      
6 Blue      
7 Violet      
8 Gray      
9 White      
90 White Black    
91 White Brown    
92 White Red    
93 White Orange    
94 White Yellow    
95 White Green    
96 White Blue    
97 White Violet    
98 White Gray    
901 White Black Brown  
902 White Black Red  
903 White Black Orange  
904 White Black Yellow  
905 White Black Green  
906 White Black Blue  
907 White Black Violet  
908 White Black Gray  
912 White Brown Red  
913 White Brown Orange  
914 White Brown Yellow  
915 White Brown Green  
916 White Brown Blue  
917 White Brown Violet  
918 White Brown Gray  
923 White Red Orange  
924 White Red Yellow  
925 White Red Green  
926 White Red Blue  
927 White Red Violet  
928 White Red Gray  
934 White Orange Yellow  
935 White Orange Green  
936 White Orange Blue  
937 White Orange Violet  
938 White Orange Gray  
945 White Yellow Green  
946 White Yellow Blue  
947 White Yellow Violet  
948 White Yellow Gray  
956 White Green Blue  
957 White Green Violet  
958 White Green Gray  
967 White Blue Violet  
968 White Blue Gray  
978 White Violet Gray  
9012 White Black Brown Red
9013 White Black Brown Orange
9014 White Black Brown Yellow
9015 White Black Brown Green
9016 White Black Brown Blue
9017 White Black Brown Violet
9018 White Black Brown Gray
9023 White Black Red Orange
9024 White Black Red Yellow
9025 White Black Red Green
9026 White Black Red Blue
9027 White Black Red Violet
9028 White Black Red Gray
9034 White Black Orange Yellow
9035 White Black Orange Green
9036 White Black Orange Blue
9037 White Black Orange Violet
9038 White Black Orange Gray
9045 White Black Yellow Green
9046 White Black Yellow Blue
9047 White Black Yellow Violet
9048 White Black Yellow Gray
9056 White Black Green Blue
9057 White Black Green Violet
9058 White Black Green Gray
9067 White Black Blue Violet
9068 White Black Blue Gray
9078 White Black Violet Gray
9123 White Brown Red Orange
9214 White Brown Red Yellow
9125 White Brown Red Green
9126 White Brown Red Blue
9127 White Brown Red Violet
9128 White Brown Red Gray
9134 White Brown Orange Yellow
9135 White Brown Orange Green
9136 White Brown Orange Blue
9137 White Brown Orange Violet
9138 White Brown Orange Gray
9145 White Brown Yellow Green
9146 White Brown Yellow Blue
9147 White Brown Yellow Violet
9148 White Brown Yellow Gray
9156 White Brown Green Blue
9157 White Brown Green Violet
9158 White Brown Green Gray
9167 White Brown Blue Violet
9168 White Brown Blue Gray
9178 White Brown Violet Gray
9234 White Red Orange Yellow
9235 White Red Orange Green
9236 White Red Orange Blue
9237 White Red Orange Violet
9238 White Red Orange Gray
9245 White Red Yellow Green
9246 White Red Yellow Blue
9247 White Red Yellow Violet
9248 White Red Yellow Gray
9256 White Red Green Blue
9257 White Red Green Violet
9258 White Red Green Gray
9267 White Red Blue Violet
9268 White Red Blue Gray
9278 White Red Violet Gray
9345 White Orange Yellow Green
9346 White Orange Yellow Blue
9347 White Orange Yellow Violet
9348 White Orange Yellow Gray
9356 White Orange Green Blue
9357 White Orange Green Violet
9358 White Orange Green Gray
9367 White Orange Blue Violet
9368 White Orange Blue Gray
9378 White Orange Violet Gray
9456 White Yellow Green Blue
9457 White Yellow Green Violet
9458 White Yellow Green Gray
9467 White Yellow Blue Violet
9468 White Yellow Blue Gray
9478 White Yellow Violet Gray
9567 White Green Blue Violet
9568 White Green Blue Gray
9578 White Green Violet Gray
9678 White Blue Violet Gray
  1. For bundles composed of more than 139 wires, the above color designations shall be repeated in sequence with appropriate subgroupings to the extent necessary to provide identification of all conductors.
  2. The code designation “N” shall be applied to unpigmented clear or neutral insulations to indicate nonstandard color coding. These insulations may be used only if the color of these insulations do not fall within the requirements for the gray or the chromatic colors of MIL-STD-104.


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