Custom Cable with Vent Tube


Custom Cable with Vent Tube

In order for waste management systems to function effectively, somebody has to maintain the sewer pipes and pumps and make sure they are operating as intended. Thankfully, there's an Allied Wire and Cable customer out there who wants to make this job as painless as possible. This customer manufactures monitoring products that measure the flow rate or quantity of a liquid or gas and has designed a waste-management solution that requires a custom cable with a vent tube.

This custom cable is built in a seemingly standard construction. The eight control-sized conductors are polyurethane-insulated and color-coded for easier identification and installation; these are surrounded by an overall aluminum foil shield that helps reduce electrical interference. A rugged black PUR jacket protects the cable against water and other waste. At the very center of the cable, however, we find our custom feature: a vent tube that allows for air and fluids to be transported while also balancing the barometric pressure in the atmosphere.

In this case, Allied Wire and Cable wasn't asked to design the custom cable; the customer already had their own specs. In fact, they'd been getting the cable from another manufacturer but were unsatisfied with their costs and lead times. The customer was pleased with our lead time of three to four weeks for such a high-quality, customized product. They were happy to lock in a fair price with a blanket order that also let them take advantage of volume discounts without having to store all that material on-site at their location.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your current vendor, contact Allied Wire and Cable to see what we can do for you and your custom cable needs! Visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call 800-472-4655 to speak with a custom cable expert.

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