Custom Mining Cable


Custom Mining Cable

A request for custom mining cable presented all the usual challenges of harsh mining environments, but also some specific needs, unique to an overseas customer in the mining industry. Allied Wire and Cable was thrilled to be of service and put our customization skills to use.

Our rep decided that a composite cable would be the necessary foundation for this custom cable, because it eliminates the hassle of multiple wires. To get the job done, this composite cable needed six conductors total, with different sizes and multiple ratings. The design called for two 2/0 AWG conductors, one 4 AWG, another 14 AWG and a 14 AWG twisted pair. Each component was MTW rated as necessary, meeting the requirements of UL 1284, UL 1283 or UL 1015. The major benefit to the composite construction in this case, is what would’ve been six separate wires of varying sizes and purposes are now compacted in one cable, saving our customer money and time on installation.

This custom mining cable is protected by individually tinned copper braid shielding as well as an overall tinned copper braid shield. Holding all of these features together is a thermoplastic elastomer jacket, which acts as an excellent insulator and features exceptional abrasion resistance, perfect for wires that might be frequently moved.

This customer came to us because they knew no custom cable requirement would be out of our reach, and they were not disappointed. If you are struggling with your own unique application and think custom cable might be your solution, check out our Custom Cable Design Center now!

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