Custom Waterblocked Cable


Custom Waterblocked Cable

Not only does Allied Wire and Cable offer striping, printing and dyeing for aesthetic reasons such as differentiating wires but constructs cables to function in specific environments such as moisture-heavy settings.

In this specific case, we were contacted by a development company that was in the midst of designing features for an airport. They needed some special accommodations for their runways, which is where Allied Wire and Cable comes in. What they needed to complete their project was a communication cable to control the flashing lights for an Approach Lighting System Flasher (ALSF) at the approach of the airport runways.

Because the installation of the cable would be underground and on a pier that extends into water, the customer had legitimate concerns about the cable lying in water. Although the cable would be run through conduit, our sales engineer determined that a waterblocked cable was a necessity to ensure the safety and efficiency of the cable. The customer also needed the cable to meet as many FAA spec requirements as possible and requested a specific mutual capacitance to be met.

Because there is no standard waterblocked cable with this design, we constructed an 18 AWG 12-pair waterblocked low-density cable with a polyethylene insulation and jacket. For added durability, each pair was individually shielded with an overall braid having 95 percent coverage. Our open line of communication combined with the ideal custom cable helped this customer have a great experience with Allied Wire and Cable. If you’d like any other information on waterblocked cable, check out our selection here or design your custom waterblocked cable here!

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