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Lutron Cable

Lutron Cable

Who Is Lutron Cable?

Lutron holds over 2700 worldwide patents. The invention of the simple rotary dimmer that can still be found in many homes today marked the birth of the lighting control industry. Being the first company to successfully mass-market the dimmer, they are to this day still the only company to create systems of dimmers and motorized window shades that control both electric light and daylight. Lutron continues to hold the lead in high-quality lighting controls for a variety of light sources including fluorescent, halogen incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED. Lutron’s success in growing from a company with only 2 products to a company with over 15,000 products for their global customers is a result of the strong principles and philosophies that guide their growth.

What Products Does Lutron Manufacture?

  • Stand Alone Controls
    • Dimmers & Switches
    • Fan Controls
    • Timers
    • In-Wall Sensors
    • C-L Dimmers
    • Wallplates and Accessories
  • Single Room Controls
    • Caséta Wireless
    • Maestro Wireless
    • Energi TriPak
    • GRAFIK Eye QS
    • GRAFIK Eye 3000
  • Whole Building Systems
    • Vive
    • Quantum
    • Limelight by Lutron
    • Energi Savr Node Solutions
    • GRAFIK Eye 4000
    • LCP 128
    • XPS
  • Shading Systems
    • Serena
    • Sivoia QS Triathlon
    • Sivoia QS
    • Sivoia QS Wireless
    • Palladoim Shading System
    • Contract Roller Shades
    • Hyperion Solar-adaptive Shading
    • Manual Shades
  • Fixture Solutions
    • LED Recessed Lighting by Ivalo
    • LED Linear Lighting by Ivalo
    • Pendants and Sconces by Ivalo
    • Stairwell
    • Video Conference
    • Linear Recessed
  • In-Fixture Technologies
    • Ballasts
    • Drivers
  • Sensors
    • Occupancy/Vacancy
    • Daylight
  • Whole Home Systems
    • RA2 Select
    • RadioRA 2
    • Homeworks QS

Which Lutron Products Does Allied Wire and Cable Stock?

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