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Lutze Cable

Lutze Cable

Who Is Lutze Cable?

Lutze Cable is one of the leading suppliers in the automation industry with electronic and electrotechnical components and system solutions for automation and high tech for rail engineering. They are a highly innovative company with international patents and were one of the first suppliers in the world to feature highly flexible cables.

What Products Does Lutze Manufacture?

Lutze Cable manufactures a wide variety of wires and cables used in an array of applications including:

  • Industrial Cable
  • Control Cables
  • Electronic Cables
  • Actuator Sensor Cables
  • BUS and Network Cables
  • Motor, VFD, Servo and feedback Cables
  • Fittings and Accessories
  • High Flexing Cables

Which Lutze, Inc. Products Does Allied Wire and Cable Stock?

Allied Wire and Cable carries many Lutze Cable products. Click on any of the following items to view them in our catalog:

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