Frequently Asked Questions: Cicoil Flexible Flat Cable

Cicoil Flexible Flat Cable

Cicoil flexible flat cable

Who Is Cicoil?

Cicoil has been around since 1956. Soon after its founding, it became well-known for its clear silicone rubber flat cable. It was one of the only companies to make flat cable (also called ribbon cable) out of what was then a very new material. Although molding these cables began as an extremely labor-intensive and imprecise process, new cable-extrusion equipment, which came into use in 1998, fixed all that. This equipment allowed for more control over the insulation thickness and gave Cicoil the ability to produce continuous lengths of cable along with a wider range of wire types and sizes. This wire manufacturer is also known for its ability to solder fine-gauge wires and produce custom ribbon cable options.

What Are Some Benefits of Cicoil Cable?

The advanced manufacturing process Cicoil has developed for silicone cables allows the company to produce extremely flexible, durable and compact clear cabling that can be used even in hazardous or challenging applications. Silicone cables have excellent flex lives and can survive tens of millions of flex cycles. These great construction and performance characteristics put this company's silicone flat cables in high demand for many diverse industries and applications.

What Can You Tell Me About Cicoil's Custom Flat Cable?

Custom flat cable is one of the company's specialties. Cicoil builds custom flat cable from top to bottom, designing the cable based on your specifications for everything from AWG size, cable configuration, and tubing thickness, to specialized modules such as a Cat5e signal group or a camera link signal group. These custom cables have a short lead time, despite manufacturing them to order.

Which Industries Typically Use Cables From This Manufacturer?

Silicone flexible flat cables are commonly used in the computer, military, medical, automation and robotic markets. These industries prize cables that are small, lightweight, flexible and highly durable. The long flex lives of silicone cables are ideal for automation and robotic applications.

What Are Some of the Products Cicoil Manufactures?

They make a wide variety of cable products, including:

  • Ribbon cable and flat cable
  • Custom flat cable
  • Motion series silicone cable
  • Camera link sable
  • Cat5 cable
  • Silicone rubber high-flex high-voltage wire
  • Co-extruded silicone rubber high-voltage wire
  • High-flex unshielded cable

Which Services Does Cicoil Offer?

Cicoil produces wire, cable, tubing and fiber optic products. Cicoil specializes in flexible flat cable and offers custom-built flat cable in addition to their standard products. They can perform silicone encapsulation on any shape and will work with any wire gauge from 4 AWG to the extremely small 44 AWG.

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