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Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric

Who is Sumitomo Electric?

Sumitomo Electric is a manufacturer of heat shrinkable tubing products for a wide range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, appliance, communications, electronics, medical, and transit industries. This company also produces power cables and electronic wiring products.

Did you know that Allied is an Authorized Distributor of Sumitomo Electric products?

An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Sumitomo Electric as one of the approved outlets for their products, including heat shrink tubing and solder sleeve products. AWC can provide you with low, competitive pricing on their products.

What are some of the products Sumitomo Electric manufactures?

Some of Sumitomo Electric’s main product lines include:

  • SUMITUBE® – Heat Shrink Tubing
  • STS – Solder Device
  • SUMIMARK® – Marking System

Which Sumitomo products does Allied Wire and Cable stock?

Allied Wire and Cable carries a wide variety of Sumitomo Electric products, including:

More specifically, products include:

  • General Purpose Flexible Polyolefin: A2, B2, B3(3X), B2(4XC), F2(Z), F5(Z) & A4
  • Flexible Thin Wall: F4(Z)
  • Semi-Rigid Polyolefin: B8 & D
  • Dual Wall Polyolefin: W3B2, W3B2 (4X), W3C, 02B2, 02C & W5DL
  • Special Purpose: FE3 Viton Heat Shrink Tubing, R10 Neoprene Heat Shrink, R120, K, K2, K3, KH200/KH200 (TW) & KH230/KH230(TW)
  • And more...If you can't find what you need, call one of our sales reps and we will make sure we find it for you!
  • *All links included above are to "Applicable Standard" specification tubing on our website. If you are purchasing tubing and require exact Sumitomo part numbers, please specify "Sumitomo" on your RFQ form.

To learn more about the brand-name cable we distribute, visit our Partners Page.

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