Allied Wire and Cable is a value-added manufacturer and distributor of Thermocouple Wire, including Type R Thermocouple Wire. Type R Thermocouple Wire consists of a positive Platinum-Rhodium wire and a negative Platinum wire. It is resistant to corrosion and ideal for high-temperature applications. Type R is identical to Type S in terms of performance, but its higher percentage of Rhodium makes it more upscale. It is also applicable in lower temperature applications because of its high accuracy and stability. Type R Thermocouple Wire has marginally higher productivity and improved stability over Type S. 

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Type R Thermocouple Wire Temperature Range:

  • Thermocouple grade wire: -58°F to +2700°F (-50°C to +1480°C)
  • Extension wire: +32°F to +392°F (0°C to +200°C)

Type R Thermocouple Wire Accuracy:

  • Standard: +/- 1.5C or +/- .25%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 0.6C or 0.1%

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