Allied Wire and Cable stocks a wide variety of Thermocouple Wire, including Type T Thermocouple Wire. Type T Thermocouple Wires have a positive Copper wire and a negative Constantan wire. It is very stable and is ideal for sub-zero temperature applications such as cryogenics or ultra low freezers. They are also suitable for laboratory environments and applications like electrical generators. These thermocouple wires have exceptional repeatability between -380°F to +392°F (-200°C to +200°C).

If you are looking for an extension grade thermocouple wire, Type TX thermocouple may be what you are looking for. Type TX thermocouple extension wires are used to connect thermocouple to instrumentation cables. These extension wires are critical in maintaining signal integrity when extending initial thermocouple signals. The accuracy of these wires are guaranteed over a limited range of -40°F to +221°F (-40°C to +105°C). Typically, Type T extension wires come with the standard red-blue ASTM/ANSI color coding with various insulation types and an optional copper drain wire.

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Type T Thermocouple Wire Temperature Range:

  • Thermocouple grade wire: -454°F to +700F (-270°C to +370°C)
  • Extension wire: +32°F to +392°F (0°C to +200°C)

Type T Thermocouple Wire Accuracy:

  • Standard: +/- 1.0C or +/- .75%
  • Special Limits of Error: +/- 0.5C or 0.4%

Type T Thermocouple Wire Applications:

  • Type T is ideal for Oxidizing Atmospheres.

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