This XLPE Power Cable is UL Type SIS Cable and XHHW-2 Wire listed general power or control wiring in accordance with the National Electrical Code. This low-voltage power cable for use in power and control circuits in switchboards, control panels, and raceways in applications not exceeding 600 volts. This XHHW-2 wire is also suitable for use in OSHA regulated installations

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XLPE Power Cable (UL Type SIS/XHHW-2 Wire/VW-1 Rated) Specifications

XLPE Power Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: 18 AWG through 500 kcmil tinned, annealed copper per ASTM B33 Class B, stranding per ASTM B8
  • Insulation: Flame-Retardant Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)
  • Color code: Gray

XLPE Power Cable Ratings and Approvals:

  • Voltage Rating: 600V
  • Max. Temperature: 90°C wet or dry
  • UL Type SIS/XHHW-2-600V
  • UL type XHHW-2-600V
  • ICEA S-95-658/NEMA W/C70
  • 1/0 and larger are listed "SUN RES FOR CT USE" in accordance with NEC
  • UL 44 VW-1 Flame Test
  • Meets EPA 40 CFR, Part 261 for leachable lead content per TCLP method
  • OSHA acceptable

XLPE Power Cable Features:

  • Size 1/0 and larger for CT USE
  • Excellent flame-resistance (VW-1)
  • Sunlight-resistant
  • Excellent physical, thermal, and electrical properties