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Lake Cable

Lake Cable

Who is Lake Cable?

Lake cable is a manufacturer that specializes in broadcast, communication, security & fire alarm, thermocouple and tray cables.

Did you know Allied is an Lake Cable Authorized Distributor?

An Authorized Distributor is a stocking distributor designated by Lake Cable as one of the approved outlets for their products. Allied has a large inventory and can provide competitive pricing on Lake Cable products.

What products does Lake Cable manufacture?

  • Broadcast cable - These include several cables such as: analog audio, digital audio, video (coaxial), camera, network and speaker/microphone and instrument type cables, which all have a shared temperature rating of 300V and suitable for NEC installations.
  • Control and Power Cable - All cables are suitable for hazardous locations and UL approved for oil resistant, sunlight and direct burial applications.
    • XLPE-Cross linked Tray Cable
    • XLPE-CPE Tray Cable
    • XLPE- Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tray Cable
    • XLPE-PVC Tray Cable
    • PVC/Nylon-PVC Tray Cable
  • Fire Alarm Cable - For use in security and fire alarm applications these cables are available in shielded, unshielded, plenum, stranded and armoured.
  • IMSA cable - International Municipal Signal Association cables are made in the USA and RoHS compliant.
  • Low Voltage Electronic Cable - These cables are for use with low voltage applications and include specialty cable and qual rated tray cable.
  • Portable cord - For flexibility applications that require usage of 300V and 600V.
  • Power Limited Tray Cable - These cables include: multi-conductor and pair/triad cables; all UL approved for Sunlight resistant applications
    • PVC-PVC PLTC Cable (multi conductor shielded/unshielded, pair/triad overall shield, unshielded, individually shielded and individually and overall shield)
    • XLPE-PVC PLTC Cable(multi-conductor unshielded/shielded, pair/triad overall shield, individually shielded or individually and overall shield)
    • XLPE-CPE PLTC Cable (multi-conductor unshielded/shielded, pair/triad unshielded, overall shield, individually shielded and individually and overall shield)
  • Residential/Commercial cable - For residential and commerical use these include: audio, Lutron equivalents, control cables and coaxial cables.
  • Thermocouple cable - This high temperature cable can feature PVC or XLPE insulation and a PVC, CPE or Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket.
    • Type KX
    • Type EX

Did you know Lake Cable manufacturers equals?

Equals are electronically similar to the brand names you know, but are less expensive, have shorter lead times and lower order mins. Lake Cable manufactures equals for the following brands and more:

Does Allied carry Lutron cable?

Lutron is a OEM of home automation products and lighting controls great for commercial and industrial applications. Allied stocks equivalents to Lutron Cables, which are approved to be used in their following systems.

  • Lutron GRAFIK Eye - GRX - Available in plenum rated and standard versions, these include composite data/communication cables and composite data/control cables.
  • Lutron EcoSystem - Complete with dimming options, controls, and environmental sensors, this system allows for significant energy savings of 40% to 70%.
    • Designed for use with Lutron’s ECO Systems.
  • Lutron Sivoia- SVQ - This selection of Lutron Cables includes composite cables for data, communications, and controls applications.
    • Designed for use with Lutron's Sivoia Shading Systems.
  • Lutron HomeWorks - BUS 600V - UL recognized AWM Style 20811 cable and RoHS compliant.

What is Simtra cable?

Simtra cable combines all wiring systems into one single run, making it a one cable conduit solution by lowering costs and eliminating excess supplies. Features of Simtra cable include:

  • Ferrite Barrier sheath
    • Which surrounds the power conductors and absorbs EMI interference, electrical transients, disturbances and/or high frequency energy originating from the power cable.
  • Electrical Power conductors
    • Provides triple insulation protection with inner conductor insulation, the ferrite barrier sheath and the outer PVC jacket.
  • Real time applications of this cable have been used in transportation, entertainment, seaports and educational institutions.


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