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Alpha Communication and Control Cable - 300 V, Multiconductor

Allied Wire is a proud distributor of Alpha Communication and Control Cable. These multi-conductor cables are rated for up to 300 volts. Alpha Communication Cable is offered in a variety of AWG sizes, conductor counts, and insulation/jacketing materials. Find Communication and Control Cable insulated with PVC, LSZH, IRR PVC, SR-PVC, FPP, or FPE. Plenum rated and LSZH cables are also available. Allied Wire and Cable's selection of Alpha Communication and Control Cable includes 1172C, 1173C, 1174C, 1176C, and 1181/15C.

Alpha Communication and Control Cable is carried with all the popular shielding options. These multi-conductor cables are available unshielded or with an overall foil, braid, spiral, or foil/braid shield. If you're looking for UL rated and CSA approved cable, Communication cable from Alpha Wire and Cable meets CM, CMG, CL2, and other standards. Many of these cables also pass UL VW-1 and CSA FT4 Flame Tests.

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