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Alpha FIT Non-Shrinkable Tubing

Alpha FIT Non-Shrinkable Tubing is available from Allied Wire and Cable, proud distributor of Alpha's FIT Wire Management products. Our online catalog includes Multipurpose PVC Tubing, Convoluted Slit Loom Tubing, and Zipper Tubing. WIth FIT Tubing, your system will be easier to maintain and fabricate.

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FIT Non-Shrinkable Tubing is designed to bring order to even the most unruly applications. Alpha Zipper Tubing eliminates exposed wiring while also adding protection against flame, chemicals, and abrasion. With Slit Loom Tubing, the loom is slit full length so that it will fit easily over the full wire assembly, but will close after installation for extra protection. Multipurpose PVC Tubing provides cable protection while keeping your wire harness organized.

If you're searching for Flexible PTFE Tubing, you can choose between TFT-200 Thin-Wall Tubing and TFT-250 Standard-Wall Tubing. Both options offer flexible wire protection over a wide temperature range. Alpha's PTFE Tubing is heat and abrasion resistant and features excellent dielectric properties.

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