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Alpha Industrial Automation Cable

Alpha Industrial Automation Cable is available from Allied Wire and Cable. These cables are designed to increase both the quality and safety of your applications. Alpha's Industrial Cable will help with any problems you may be experiencing with designing and interconnecting system components from sensors to top-level controllers. 

Alpha Wire offers a variety of Industrial Automation Cables for all of the major industrial automation systems. RS-485 Cable features a braid/foil shield that reduces electrical noise sensitivity, increasing reliability and performance. DeviceNet is available for both ODVA thick and thin trunks while also supporting high data rates (500 kb/s at 100 m and 125 kb/s at 500 m). DeviceNet also complies with Allen-Bradley part numbers 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C. Series L Control Cable has a construction of up to 4 twinax conductors and up to 36 control conductors. 

Alpha Wire's ControlNet is a low-loss RG-6/U coaxial cable ideal for use in modern ControlNet factory-floor automation systems. Its double braid/foil shield provides maximum signal integrity and run length. Both Fieldbus and PROFIBUS provide the ruggedness, performance, and quality required in nearly every fieldbus and PROFIBUS application environment. Types A and B Fieldbus feature 100-ohm impedance, and High-Speed Fieldbus and PROFIBUS DP feature 150-ohm impedance. Alpha's Industrial Twinax Cable is suitable for real-time, high-throughput applications, such as Allen-Bradley Highway Networks. 

If you have any questions, or can't find the Industrial Automation Cable you're looking for, call one of our sales reps today.