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FIT MIL-DTL-713 (Type P) Lacing Tape

Part Number FinishDiameter (in)Break Strength, Min. (lb)Availability
803215B B 0.023 32 1 lb
803215W B 0.023 32 1 lb
804812W A 0.025 48 1 lb
804814B B 0.025 48 1 lb
804814W B 0.025 48 1 lb
807013B B 0.040 70 1 lb
807013W B 0.040 70 1 lb
FIT Wire Management
Lacing Tape
MIL-DTL-713 Type P

FIT Lacing Tape Finishes:

A. Natural, No finish

B. Wax:

  • Microcrystalline wax compounded with a fungicide (contains neither copper nor mercuric materials)
  • Melting point above 54°C
  • Excellent knot retention without too great a "waxy" feel
  • Soft, pliable, and easy to tie

FIT Lacing Tape Finish Weight (impregnated % of material by weight)

  • Finish B (wax): 20% - 32%

FIT Lacing Tape Operating Temperature:

  • -55°C to +121°C

FIT Lacing Tape Elongation:

  • 20% min.

FIT Lacing Tape Material:

  • Twisted nylon cord made from high-tenacity continuous filament yarn