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Belden Analog Video Cable (Standard)

Analog video cable is part of Allied’s full line of Belden cable. It is available in 75 ohm mini coax, RG59U coax, RG6U, RG11U, and composite coax versions to meet the needs of different video and television applications.

75 Ohm Mini Coax Cable is available in UL AWM Style 1375, UL AWM Style 1354, and plenum-rated versions. Most of these 75 Ohm Coax parts are rated to 30V and 60°C.

Many RG options are also available. Belden RG59U coax, RG6U video cables, and RG11U cables are available in standard and plenum-rated versions. They feature a variety of materials and constructions to meet the needs of a range of video applications.

Belden's 18 AWG Composite Cable and Composite Video Cable is Siamese cable, rated to 300V RMS. It is NEC Type CMG-LS and CEC Type CMG-LS FT4 for its limited smoke characteristics. This composite coax features an overall black low smoke zero halogen jacket.