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Belden XL-Dur® & SIS Hook-Up Wire

Belden's XL-Dur® & SIS Wire is offered by Allied Wire & Cable, distributor of Belden Cable products. These two types of Hook-up Wire are manufactured by Belden to the highest standards of quality, following UL & CSA guidelines.

Belden XL-Dur Hook-Up Wire is available in a variety of UL styles: UL 3173, UL 3195, UL 3196, UL 3436, UL 3321, and UL 3199. UL Style 3199 XL-Dur Hook-Up Wire is constructed of cross-linked polyethylene that is applied in one extrusion, with a stranded tinned copper conductor. UL Styles 3173, 3195, 3196, 3436 and 3321 all conform to CSA Type CL1251.

Belden's SIS Wire is UL compliant, and rated for 600V and 90°C. Constructed with a separator and stranded tinned copper conductor, SIS wire can be used on switchboards, panelboards and distribution boards.

According to Belden, XL-Dur is their proprietary blend of thermoset, chemically cross-linked polyethylene. It shares many of the same properties as Hypalon without the high cost. XL-Dur Hook-Up Wire is moisture and solvent resistant, and it performs well in high-temperature situations where flexibility isn't a necessity. Due to its exceptional physical and electrical properties, Xl-Dur brand insulation is ideal for use in a large variety of applications.