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CampusLink™ LT Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fiber Riser

CampusLink LT Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor with gel-filled buffer tubes, is available from Allied Wire and Cable.

Prysmian/Draka Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube riser is used in a variety of applications such as multi-purpose indoor/outdoor - aerial lashed, duct and direct buried. This cable features and combines the traditional gel-filled buffer tubes and swellable water blocking materials with single mode and multimode optical fibers. Due to diversity of this cable’s application, it eliminates cable transition points and allows cost saving and long term reliability.

Features and Benefits

The CampusLink LT Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor has many features and benefits. These include fiber identification using TIA standard color coding and a flame retardant, black UV-resistant outer jacket. This cable also has the benefits of flexible kick-resistant buffer tubes, bend insensitive single and multi-mode fibers, ezINTERLOCK armor and support of high performance networks.

Multi Mode Fiber Cable

Multi mode fiber optic cable has a larger diameter that allows for multiple modes of light through. Because this fiber cable has multiple modes and allows more light to propagate it allows more data to pass through at any given time. Because of the high dispersion and attenuation rate of multi mode fiber the quality of the signal can be reduced at longer distances.

Multi mode fiber cable is typically used in short applications for data transfer, audio/video and LAN applications. 

Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

Single mode fiber cable has a small diameter core that allows only one mode of light to propegate the cable. The lower number of light creates the ability for the signal to travel farther. 

Typical uses for single mode fiber optic cable include long distance applications that require higher bandwidth.

CampusLink LT gel is available in fiber counts of 2 to 144 fibers and is available in single or multi-mode types and has Riser (OFNR/OFCR/FT4) flame ratings.


  • TIA/EIA-568

  • ANSI/ICEA S-83-596

  • ANSI/ICEA S-104-696

  • UL-1666

  • CSA 22.2

  • Telcordia GR-409

  • Telcordia GR-20

  • CE RoHS Compliant