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Published on 5/21/2013

AWC eUpdate Newsletter May 2013


Hitting the Jackpot

Allied Wire and Cable 25th Anniversary Extravaganza

Vegas, baby! All eyes are on our West Coast location as we continue our year-long 25th anniversary celebration with a Vegas theme for the month of May.

So far, you’ve completed weekly game challenges to earn extra chances in our prize raffles, and we’ve even shared some fun stuff like an AWC online slot machine (Note: AWC does not own playmyslots.com) and some fun facts about the Allied NV family. We’ve certainly had fun with our Vegas month, especially in the newest episode of Allied’s Giveaway Extravaganza episode, “The Allied Job.”

There’s a lot more fun to come next month. A hint for what the theme will be? We’ll be boldly going where no wire and cable company has gone before.

The new theme also ties in with some big news. Allied Wire & Cable’s snazzy new website is set to launch in June (make sure you read on to learn more about that!).

Watch your inbox for an email when our June video is released and we announce our June raffle challenges! Remember, you still have until May 27th to play our pictogram game challenge. We'll post a final game challenge on May 28th too! Every entry you earn you will also go into our year-end Grand Prize Caribbean Vacation Giveaway raffle, so don’t miss your chance to get another!




Prepare to Launch...The New AWCwire.com

New Allied Wire and Cable Website

The countdown is on! Our new website will launch next month, bringing you tons of new features!

The new site will be mobile-friendly, with a more streamlined design and revamped product pages to make browsing cable specs as painless as possible. The new site also offers more advantages when you create a website login. You will not only get all of the current benefits, including fast checkout, special offers, and the ability to play in our annual sports pools, but you’ll also be able to view past orders. Our online RFQ options are improving too. With our RFQ cart, you can view past RFQs or create a new request by adding products as you browse the site and view specs. You can also use our quick RFQ form to request quotes fast.

Looking forward to those website upgrades? Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve been listening to your requests, and working on improvements, and there’s a lot more where that came from! Be sure to keep an eye out for more website information in upcoming emails and next month’s newsletter!




YouTube Channel Makeover

Allied Wire & Cable Videos

We've done some spring cleaning, and the AWC YouTube channel is sparkling! We’ve revamped our channel design, and now finding the videos you want to watch is easier than ever.

The new layout not only sports new (and might we add, very cool) artwork, but it also allows us to feature more videos on our main page. You can view videos based on your interest in certain product groups, go straight to our 25th anniversary game show videos, jump to our “Cable Basics” series, or just browse by our most popular or most recent uploads.

The past month has been big for us on YouTube. With your help, we have bypassed the 100,000 views and 100 subscriber marks! We are so happy that so many of you are finding our videos entertaining and educational. Thanks for watching!

If you haven’t seen our videos, or just haven’t subscribed yet, head over to the Allied Wire & Cable YouTube channel now.




Product Spotlight: DLO Cable

DLO Cables

Diesel locomotive cable, also known as DLO cable, is power cabling used in diesel locomotive applications, and a lot more. It is also used in power supply systems, oil and gas drilling rigs, motor leads, and shipyard applications. Benefits such as abrasion and impact resistance, flexible stranding, and resistance to oils, alkalis, acids, heat, and flame make it a great choice for these industrial installations.

Allied stocks DLO cable in sizes 14 AWG to 777.7. Want to learn more about diesel locomotive cable? View full DLO specifications now.




Closing Notice

Happy Memorial Day from AWC

Allied Wire & Cable will be closed Monday, May 27th for the Memorial Day holiday. We hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!




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Joke of the Month!


Outside of a Vegas casino, a man walks up to a stranger and says, "Excuse me sir, may I borrow $500 dollars? It's an emergency!"

The stranger says, "$500 dollars?! I don't even know you!"

The man says, "It's really important. My wife is suddenly very ill and I need to take her to the emergency room. I've called and they say it will be $500 dollars to admit her."

Stranger says, "How do I know you won't take my $500 dollars and go inside the casino and gamble with it?"

The man says, "I've GOT gambling money!"

Source: everythinglv.com




Blog Corner


Here are the newest additions to our blog!

Topcoating vs. Dyeing
Some cables are only manufactured in one color, but dyeing or topcoating allows you to customize your cables with a preferred color. But when is a cable dyed instead of topcoated and vice versa? If you’re searching for an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your cable achieves its color through dying or topcoating depends on the cable material. Learn more about topcoating and dyeing cables...

Get to Know Allied NV!
This month, our 25th anniversary celebrations are putting all eyes on Allied Wire & Cable’s Vegas location. Get to know more about our West Coast Allied Family by hovering over their photos. Visit our interactive post...

M3432 CO Cable
The M3432 CO Cable specification covers a flexible mil spec cable that is found in many military and flexing applications. It is commonly used in portable tools and equipment, charging cables, and power and control cords. The “CO” shows that it is a “component cable.” MIL-DTL-3432 Cables are built to withstand extreme conditions and high temperatures. Learn more about M3432 CO cables, and how their part numbers can tell you a lot about their characteristics…