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Published on 4/27/2015

AWC eUpdate Newsletter April 2015

Allied Pledges $1 Million to Philadelphia Students by 2016

Allied Commits $1 Million to BLOCS

By 2016, Allied will have donated $1 million in scholarships to students in the Philadelphia Area through the non-profit, Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools. BLOCS is a group of companies, firms, and foundations who have banded together to raise endowment funds and support education in the Philadelphia region.

Over the last three years, Allied has been supporting students and schools across the region, funding need-based scholarships totalling $750,000.

BLOCS Executive Vice President Don Saleski came to accept our most recent donation on behalf of the non-profit. Saleski is a former Philadelphia Flyer, so that was a special treat for some tried and true Flyers fans at Allied.

See the full press release to learn more about our involvement with BLOCS program and the work they do.



Featured Partnership: Times Microwave Systems

Featured Partner: Times Microwave Systems

Did you know that Allied is an Authorized Distributor for Times Microwave? This partnership benefits all involved, especially our customers. We stock popular low loss LMR coax and connectors, as well as some speciality cables, so that we can get them to our customers quickly and at a reasonable price.

We carry several different low loss coaxial cable product groups:

  • LMR (e.g. LMR-400, LMR-200, LMR-600, LMR-195, etc.)
  • LMR Lite (e.g. LMR-LW400)
  • LMR Ultraflex (e.g LMR-400-UF, LMR-240-UF, LMR-600-UF, LMR-195-UF, etc)
  • LMR-Low Loss Plenum (e.g. LMR-400-LLPL)
  • LMR Low Loss 75 ohm coax (e.g. LMR-400-75, LMR-600-75)
  • T-Com — Low Loss PIM coax (e.g. TCOM-400)

We also stock other accompanying parts like LMR connectors and handy installation tools.

If you need any of these things, send us an RFQ!



Straight From the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom Fiber Optic Cable

Custom Cable Case Study

In March, a plane veered off the runway in wintry weather at La Guardia Airport, one of the busiest airports in the country. No one was killed, but 28 people suffered minor injuries.

There was also some significant property damage. An earthen berm with a security fence slowed the plane and kept it from going into the bay. After the event, Homeland Security immediately took action to replace the destroyed section of the fence and restore security measures. They went to our customer to get a custom fiber optic cable for an advanced video surveillance and alarm system.

Our customer brought the request to us, knowing we could manage a short lead time and still provide a high quality custom cable. Read the full case study to learn how Homeland Security put this custom fiber cable to work at La Guardia.




Video Spotlight

H07V-K Cable video

Spotlight on H07V-K Cable
How much do you know about H07V-K cable? In less than a minute and a half, you could learn the basics of its construction, ratings and applications. That's a pretty good investment. Watch the H07V-K cable video here.

Easter Video Greeting Card

Bonus! Easter Video Greeting Card
If you were in a jelly bean or chocolate coma, you might have missed our Easter card, which is a real shame. But it's not too late. You can still see what it would look like if Allied was in the easter egg business, rather than the wire and cable industry.



Copper Update


Click here to see the history of Camden Copper
Click here to see the most up-to-date Comex Copper Prices



Joke of the Month!


A woman asks a computer programmer to go shopping, "Go to the grocery store and buy some bread. And if they have fresh eggs, buy a dozen."

Twenty minutes later the programmer comes back with 12 loaves of bread. "Why on earth did you buy 12 loaves of bread?" She asked.

"They had fresh eggs."




Blog Corner


Check out our latest additions!

M55021 cable is another one of those mil-spec cables with a part number you can break down to find out what's inside. In this case, it's more mil-spec wire! Learn more about M55021 cable in our latest Allied Encyclopedia article.

Did you have the opportunity to build robots when you were in high school? The students at Hammond High School in MD do, and Allied was able to help their Ursa Major robotics team get ready for competition! Read on.