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Published on 12/2/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter December 2009

2009 Charity Week Wrap-Up


While we wrap our gifts for the holiday season, it’s also time to wrap-up Allied’s 2009 Charity Week! This year, we changed things up a bit and asked YOU to choose the benefactor, because your orders supply the donation. After the votes were tallied, you chose The Make-A-Wish Foundation! Allied has proudly supported Make-A-Wish for several years, including previous charity weeks, so we all were excited to have the opportunity to do so again.

Make-A-Wish is a fantastic organization, aimed at granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical condutions. Because the average wish can cost upwards of $7000, they need the help of generous donations to make these wishes possible and that’s just what we set out to do! We’re proud to announce that with your help, we raised $9223.31! With the other charities receiving $250, Make-A-Wish will receive $7727.31; that’s enough for 1 full wish!

Everyone in the Allied Family would like to thank you for your help in making this year’s Charity Week another successful one. We truly could not do it without you! Your generosity will make it possible for a child’s dream to come true, and the holidays are the perfect time of year to make dreams reality.


Website of the Month: StillTasty.com

Still Tasty

Continuing with the holiday theme this month, the Website of the Month has returned with a site that will help keep those leftovers safe! StillTasty.com puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips about how to properly store food, how long items stay fresh when properly stored, how to tell when food items have gone bad and more. Because the holiday season is full of grand feasts, buffets full of food and fridges stuffed with the leftovers, StillTasty.com is a great go-to place to find the answers to questions you really never thought to ask.

For example, did you know that if you buy an avocado that isn’t quite ripe yet you can place it in a paper bag with an apple and it’ll ripen faster? Or that if you store your potatoes in an area (not the fridge!) with a constant temperature around 45°F to 55°F that they’ll keep for up to 3 months, over the one to two weeks in a pantry?

So, while you’re stocking up for your holiday meals check out StillTasty.com to make sure you keep your family safe from food-born illnesses and get the most out of your food.


Most Popular...And Impossible to Find Toys


The media is filled with talk of the latest must-have toy for Christmas that is, of course, impossible to find: Zhu Zhu Pets. Every year there is one toy that reaches this status, as children across the globe ask Santa for the same thing, creating demands that can’t be met. While in the middle of the throngs trying to find these toys, it’s a nightmare, but as the years go by it’s fun to look back and see what we all went crazy over. Let’s take a look at a few lists of the most popular, must-have toys from past years.

Here is a list of the most popular toys by decade, from Forbes.com

  • 1900-1909 - Crayola Crayons
  • 1910-1919 - Raggedy Ann Dolls
  • 1920-1929 - Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls
  • 1930-1939 - View-Master 3-D Viewer
  • 1940-1949 - Candy Land
  • 1950-1959 - Mr. Potato Head
  • 1960-1969 - G.I. Joe
  • 1970-1979 - Rubik's Cube
  • 1980-1989 - Cabbage Patch Kids
  • 1990-1999 - Beanie Babies
  • 2000-Present - Razor Scooter

Boston.com created a list of the toys every kid had to have and every parent struggled to find from the last 25 years:


  1. Cabbage Patch Kids
  2. Tickle-Me Elmo
  3. Tamagotchi
  4. Furby
  5. Bratz Dolls
  6. FurReal Friends Cat
  7. Nintendo Wii
  8. Zhu Zhu Pets (This year’s hot toy!)

Click here to check out the full list



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