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Published on 2/23/2016

AWC eUpdate Newsletter February 2016

Allied Employees Make Moves

Julie Preiss and Eric Schmidtke

When Eric Schmidtke and Julie Preiss joined the Allied team, we knew they had the industry experience, work ethic, and customer service skills needed to succeed on the job. Throughout their years with AWC, they've demonstrated how their values align with those of the company, and they've embodied what it means to be true Allied employees and family members. Between the two, they've held roles in warehouse and branch management, and as a sales assistant. And now, they're taking a stab at another area of the business, as they've both recently made the move to sales representatives.

Eric began his wire and cable career in 2000, with a wide range of warehouse positions that more than qualified him to take on the Warehouse Manager position for Allied's Wisconsin branch in 2008. Fast forward several years, where Eric is now the Branch Manager, with the industry know-how to also create a successful career in sales, paving the way for growth and expansion within the company.

Similar to Eric, Julie also came to AWC with previous experience in the industry. Prior to starting as a sales assistant in April 2015, Julie worked in sales for most of her life. She began her sales career working with Anixter, and most of her experience in sales thereafter was in the telecommunications field. Now as Julie transitions into a sales rep, she is sure she'll be able to use her previous experience, as well the knowledge she's gained at Allied as an assistant, to continue to build onto her sales knowledge.

Congratulations to both Eric and Julie on taking this new step within Allied. We look forward to watching them grow as they take on this new roles, and we're excited to see how they use their expertise in other areas of the wire and cable business to make a positive impact on AWC customers in their new sales roles. Get to know Eric and Julie a little better by reading their features on our Key People page. 

Allied's March Madness Bracket Challenge Quickly Approaches

Allied's March Madness Bracket Challenge

March will be here before we know it, and for most of us, we’re hoping it’ll bring about warmer weather, a relaxing Easter holiday, and most importantly, another exhilarating NCAA March Madness series! Brace yourselves. Before you know it, you’ll be glued to your TVs with what you’ll believe is the perfect bracket in hand. However, as you’ll remember from years past, those visions of having the perfect bracket will shortly be shot down after those select few Cinderella teams emerge, taking down some of the tournament’s favorites. All it takes is one big upset to send your bracket for a whirl, your final 4 for a loop, and your chance at the big bucks down the drain.

For you college basketball gurus who spend months statistically decoding brackets from the past and tuning into what analysts have to say about how to most successfully make your picks, the unpredictability of the most talked about college basketball tournament probably drives you mad. For the average Joe who tunes into a game here and there and makes some last minute picks however, the fact that you’ve got about just as good a shot as the people who spend months preparing have is pretty remarkable. Luck is a major factor and hopefully it’s on your side.

So whether you’re a college basketball fanatic, or just someone who wants to test their luck at winning some major prizes (last year’s winner received a $500 gift card), Allied’s Bracket Challenge is the contest for you! Keep an eye out in your inbox for details to come in the next few weeks, and get your dancing shoes ready. It’ll be time to strap them on in no time. 

Singapore Airshow Recap

Singapore Airshow 2016

Allied’s very own Tim Flynn and Tony Spina spent last week at the Singapore Airshow — Asia’s largest airshow in which leading aerospace distributors from all over the world gathered to exhibit. Flynn and Spina used the Airshow as an opportunity to showcase Allied’s abundant stock of US approved military cable. They also exhibited the major USA brand names that we feature, such as Belden, Alpha, Carol, and more.

Below are pictures from the airshow, featuring Allied’s co-founder Tim Flynn with 4-star general Lori J. Robinson; Ambassador to Vietnam, Ted Osius; and Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar.

Singapore Airshow 2016

Straight from the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom High Temp Tray Cable

Custom Cable Case Study

We know that stock products won’t always cut it for your applications, and that’s why we have a team of custom cable experts on hand ready to design the off-the-shelf wire to fit your needs. So when a customer came to us knowing he needed a custom cable for his application, but didn't have all the specifics straightened out, we were able to help him. Click here to learn all about the custom high temperature tray cable we designed for the customer's application (a natural gas plant).

Video Spotlight

Valentine's Day video greeting from Allied

Sometimes finding the perfect date isn't always as easy as it seems. And although Valentine's Day has already passed, we've created this original video that gives you the inside scoop on how to spark the ideal connection and land the date of your dreams any time of the year. Enjoy!

Joke of the Month


Ben's high-school English teacher was well known for being a fair, but hard, grader. One day he received a B minus on a paper. In hopes of bringing his grade up and in the spirit of the Valentine's season, he sent his teacher an extravagant heart-shaped box of chocolates with the pre-printed inscription: "BE MINE." 

The following day, Ben received in return a valentine from the teacher. Excited to see if his heart-felt gesture was able to bump up his grade, he opened the valentine. It read: "Thank you, but it’s still BE MINE-US."


Blog Corner


Check out our latest addition!

Here we break down Alpha Wire's Xtra Guard 1 cable into its construction and uses. This high performance cable is only one part of Alpha's Xtra Guard series, which features six different performance cables.

To learn more, read our Allied Encyclopedia Alpha Wire's Xtra Guard 1 cable blog post.