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Published on 1/31/2017

AWC eUpdate Newsletter January 2017

Allied Wire & Cable Team Up with Prysmian/Draka Group

Allied Wire & Cable Team Up with Prysmian/Draka Group

Allied has been an industry leader in industrial wire, including Tray Cable, High Temp Wire and Mining Cable since 1988. Now our vast inventory of wire and cable has been expanded to include Industrial and Harsh Environment Fiber Optic Cables from Prysmian Group/Draka. Allied is proud to offer outdoor, indoor and specialty fiber cables which includes Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor.

Our president, Tim Flynn, commented, "We are pleased to join with Prysmian to serve the growing needs for fiber cable used in industrial and harsh environments. Our touch points in the industrial market are a perfect match with Prysmian's industry leading product portfolio of fiber cables and adds to the portfolio of low voltage and medium voltage products that we distribute for Prysmian today."

The Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor line includes products such as CampusLink LT™ and ezINTERLOCK™. These products are available as riser or plenum, dry or gel buffer tubes options and corrugated armor options. The cables in this group are able to endure extreme temperatures, chemical resistance, and other environmental elements. They are most commonly used in applications such as mining, transit, aviation, wastewater and petrochemical. In addition, these cables are able to endure extreme temperatures, chemical resistance, and other environmental elements.

With this partnership, Allied will be able to offer the lowest pricing on the Prysmian Group/Draka line. If you are using Belden and Corning, Allied will be able to help you save money by offering cross references on these name brand products.

To learn more or to speak with a representative, call Allied Wire and Cable today or check out our Loose Tube products on the Prysmian homepage!

Allied Wire & Cable Donates $20,000 to K9s For Warriors

Allied Wire & Cable Donates $20,000 to K9s For Warriors

Each year, Allied Wire & Cable holds a charity week during the month of December that benefits a deserving organization. Thanks to our customers, we've donated over $100,000 to many organizations, including American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish, the Humane Society, and many more. This year, we enlisted the help of our customers through an online survey to see who they would like their money to benefit. The top two results included veterans and animals, so we found our perfect beneficiary for 2016 in K9s For Warriors!

K9s For Warriors rescues dogs at risk and trains them as Service K9s to help our military heroes who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injuries and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post-9/11. This past charity week, we donated $20,000 to sponsor a military hero and service K9 duo! With our donation, we get to name our sponsored dog and receive regular progress updates of the dog, which includes when the dog is placed with his or her military hero and photos and other collateral. And now we can officially announce that we've chosen a name for our sponsored dog — Gauge! This name means a lot to us, because if you haven't guessed it already, it's a term we live and breathe by here at Allied Wire & Cable. Wire and cable is sized by AWG, American Wire Gauge.

This new partnership has brought a wonderful friendship between Allied and K9s For Warriors. In fact, just recently, one of our outside sales reps, Pat V., met with some of the K9s For Warriors team; they showed him around the facility in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Pat's visit confirmed that this organization is doing wonderful things for military heroes and rescue dogs. It takes just about three weeks for the duo to be on their own, thanks to the training at the K9s For Warriors facility. Pat said that "the Warriors are taken to movies, shopping at Costco and other places they would experience as part of their training to prepare them for their everyday lives."

We're excited to be a helping hand in this organization and be on this journey with a sponsored dog and military hero.

Current Events

Current Events

Allied Wire & Cable Expands to the 'Allied Campus!'

Allied Wire & Cable is expanding! We are very happy to announce that Allied not only purchased a new building but we will be adding on to the new building. The building will be located just across the street from our headquarters in Collegeville, PA.

Our new 20,000 square foot building will be the home of our government and industrial divisions. Allied built the current headquarters in 2008 and we have added onto the warehouse in 2012 along with a remodel in 2015. This expansion also brings some much needed space for the rapidly growing warehouse on the Allied campus. One area of growth will be in our manufacturing division, where we will add an extrusion line later in 2017.

We look forward to this new addition in 2017 and beyond!

Straight from the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom Aerospace Cable

Straight from the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom Aerospace Cable

When a customer of ours approached us with their search of a replacement cable, we found a much better solution — a custom cable! This advanced automation company was looking for a possible Alpha PN to use as a replacement cable, but when that insulation didn’t fit the application requirements, the customer opted for a custom aerospace cable.

Read more about this custom aerospace cable in our latest Custom Cable Case Study.

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