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Published on 7/1/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter July 2009

Allied Wire & Cable Now Carries Wind Power Cables

Wind Power

Allied Wire & Cable has expanded its product line once again! AWC is proud to announce the addition of Wind Turbine Cable (UL WTTC Rated) to their already extensive product offerings. This new product line consists of 5 different types of Wind Turbine Cable: Standard Flex, Megaflex, and Premium Flex Wind Power Cable, Servo Cable and VFD Cable. Furthermore, Allied is now an authorized distributor of C&M's GreenLINX™ Wind Power Cables.

Truly living up to their green name, GreenLINX™ Cables are manufactured in America with recyclable materials. Oil, solvent, chemical and fuel resistant, GreenLINX™ Cables are manufactured specifically to withstand the rigors of wind power environments. Their flexible construction allows for easy termination and installation as well as helping the cables to fit in tight spaces.

GreenLINX™ cables also carry Underwriters Laboratories' WTTC approval for 1000 volt cable. In years past, there was no standard for cables used in wind turbines. This new standard, which stands for Wind Turbine Tray Cable, is now required by the UL for use in wind turbines. Not using cables with WTTC approval can mean costly replacements down the road.

The entire Allied Family is excited to be contributing to green energy with GreenLINX™ Cables. Customers who work hard producing green wind power energy no longer have to settle for regular cable. Now they can rest easier knowing that even their cables are a truly green, industry approved product.

Click here for more information on Wind Turbine Cables.


Update on Allied Salesman's Marine Son

AWC March Madness Promotion

Back in April, we let you know that Allied Salesman Craig Smith's son, Lance Corporal Craig Smith, was deployed to Iraq for a 7 month tour. Keep your fingers crossed, because we've just received word that he could be returning home as early as September! Plans could change from now until then, so we'll update as soon as we learn more.

For now, check out this great group shot of Lance Corporal Smith and his entire company, taken on July 5th.


Get Away...If Only For One Day

August is right around the corner, and that means summer's almost over. Have you gotten your vacation in already and just need something fun that won't break the bank any more? Or maybe you can't afford a traditional vacation at all and you need to get away at least for the day. Day trips are perfect little treats for the summer season, and fun can be had for not a lot of money. A day trip can be anything: a picnic, a museum trip, an amusement park, you name it. If you can get there and back in one day, it's a day trip. But after all of that cabin fever from sheltering yourself from the heat all day for weeks on end, you might find yourself with few ideas for some. Here's a few you might enjoy before the wonderful summer weather is gone for another year.

  1. Hiking/Nature Walks
    In a previous newsletter, we let you in on the rather well known secret of the National Park Service. Throughout the country there are hundreds of National Parks, National Forests, National Historic Sites and more. Most of these sites can be seen for as little as $20 for a family. Once inside, do some hiking, check out the visitors' centers and stop at a beautiful spot for a picnic. It doesn't have to be a national park either. Each state has tons of parks of their own to choose from, and they all have their own charms. If you're into hiking, swimming, rock climbing, photography, fishing…you can do all of that and more just by getting in touch with Mother Nature.
  2. Small Town Shopping
    No one would call visiting the local mall a day trip. But have you ever passed through a quaint little town or village during your busy everyday life and wanted to stop in? Scattered all throughout the country are small towns with traditional downtown areas still dedicated to small business shopping. Bookstores, handmade jewelry shops, candy stores and more; and none of the big guys to be seen. The next time you drive by one of these beauties, make a note and plan to spend a day browsing. To save some more money, make it your goal to get through the day without buying anything. If you do, splurge on dinner at a restaurant you're sure to find in town.
  3. Baseball Games
    Modern baseball stadiums are like mini-towns in themselves. With shopping, in-park concessions and full sit-down restaurants, going to a baseball game this summer is a day trip if you have a home team nearby. If you're from one of those unfortunate neutral areas with no home team allegiance, making a day trip to the closest stadium might be a bit of a stretch, but if you do it's well worth it. Take the kids, pack a glove, some sunscreen and soak in America's pastime. While some concessions can be overpriced ($7 bottle of beer?!), you don't have to spend a lot of money on a game. With general admission tickets and decent parking (a little walking might be necessary…burn off the hotdogs!), you can get away for the day without losing a lot of dough. Get there early to get a good parking spot and have time to walk around the stadium for some souvenirs and great (though probably bad for you) food…maybe even watch batting practice!

The best part about day trips is that there are no boundaries. As long as you wake up and go back to bed at home, it qualifies. So think about what you like to do and plan a day trip around it. If what you're into is the outdoors, shopping, baseball and museums then we've got you covered so far. But maybe you love bird watching: visit an Audubon society. Do you love the theater? Local playhouses are great and really good for local economies as well. Into art but not museums, find a local art gallery. Really into cars? Research auto shows coming up, or nearby race tracks and make a day of it. Think about where you live and what's nearby that you've never gotten a chance to see before. If you're near the coast, spend the day at the beach. If you're near the mountains, head up there for the day. It's really all up to you!