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Published on 6/6/2007

AWC eUpdate Newsletter June 2007

Consumer Watch: QPL Material

Copper Prices

When in the market to purchase wire and cable, you may require QPL approved material. But how do you really know whether or not a product is QPL approved?

The QPL, which stands for "Qualified Products List," is a listing that identifies both materials and suppliers whose materials are approved for use on certain federal or government projects without the need for any additional documentation or testing. On the QPL, only specified manufacturers are approved to make selected parts for federal, military or airframe applications because they have proven they can produce the standard products to particular requirements. If a federal agency needs to purchase a product, it will seek out businesses that already have products on the suitable QPL.

Products that are labeled "QPL Approved" satisfy qualification requirements of the applicable military specification. In order to obtain QPL approval, a company must submit a sample product to be tested against requirements by the approved testing agency. The qualification process takes place before federal purchasing to ensure product qualification without delay in delivery of materials.

In contrast to QPL material, non-QPL material has not met the appropriate requirements or undergone the needed performance tests to receive QPL approval. Because the material may not be made to the same standards for quality, non-QPL cable may have a shorter lifespan that QPL material. However, a benefit of non-QPL material is price as the material usually costs less.

Watch out for vendors who are passing off non-QPL material as QPL material. If a product is listed as "QPL Approved," it probably has gained approval. However, there could be instances when a vendor claims the material to be QPL material, when in fact it isn't.

If you purchase cable that is supposed to be a QPL product, you should examine all the labels, lot numbers and reel numbers on the cable. Of course, you can always ask your wire and cable distributor who manufactured the material. The distributor should be willing to provide the information. You could even call the manufacturer to make sure they really did supply the cable or request a manufacturer's certificate of QPL testing. Any reputable manufacturer or distributor can and will provide certifications, like a certificate of conformance, that the material meets the standards needed. If you genuinely need your wire and cable to be QPL approved, double-checking the material is a time worthy task.

Allied Wire distributes products that are QPL approved and can provide a certificate of conformance. Be sure to check for approvals with your AWC sales representative.

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Allied Adds 2 Outside Sales Representatives

Wiring Harness News

Allied Wire & Cable welcomes the addition of two Outside Sales Representatives.

Tony Spina joins AWC as the District Manager/Outside Sales Rep for the PA/NJ area. Spina has over 15 years experience in the wire and cable industry, most recently working at Alpha Wire Company.

"Having wire and cable experience in both manufacturing and distribution is an extreme advantage for my new position with AWC." Spina said. "My technical knowledge and understanding of the end user's needs combined with relationships with various manufacturers will allow myself and AWC to continue to grow and offer solutions not available elsewhere in the industry."

Trish Taylor, a former sales assistant at AWC, will serve as an Outside Sales Rep for the New England area.

"Our company has a lot to offer," said Taylor. "As an Outside Sales Rep, I will be working to strengthen relationships with existing customers, as well introducing AWC to new customers. Allied customers will receive face to face contact to help ensure quality customer service. I am excited to see the projects our customers implement using the material we supply and to learning from my talented and knowledgeable co-workers."

Through the addition of Outside Sales Representatives, AWC expects to better serve customers by meeting and exceeding expectations.



Play Allied Wire & Cable Trivia

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It's time to play "Allied Wire & Cable Trivia." The first 5 people to correctly match these five members of Allied's staff with their favorite vacation spot will receive an Allied Prize Pack overflowing with goodies.

Answers should be emailed to trivia@awcwire.com or faxed to 484-928-6700. Please include your full name, company name, and shipping address along with your answers. Good luck!





  1. Jenn McHugh, Sales
  2. Jackie Huffman, Sales
  3. Antonio Basile, Controller
  4. Rich Roselli, Sales
  5. Mike Spletzer, Warehouse Mgr
Miami Beach
A: Miami Beach
St. Lucia
B: St. Lucia
C: Aruba
Hilton Head
D: Hilton Head, NC
Disney World
E: Disney World

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