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Published on 6/3/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter June 2009

NEC Adoption by State

Following the NEC is second-nature to most of us. Manufacturers work long and hard to receive the proper approvals and certifications necessary to manufacture and sell their products. One thing that isn't so second-nature is this: what are the laws in the state you're shipping your products to?

Updated routinely throughout the year, the map of NEC Adoption is an indispensible tool for manufacturers. What the map does is visually display which year of the NEC a particular state is currently enforcing. The 2009 NEC has not been released yet, so there are states enforcing the 2008 and 2005 versions as well as various states that allow the local jurisdictions to choose which version to enforce. The majority of states have moved to the 2008 NEC, but some have not and certain localities may be using versions prior to 2005.

So the next time you've got a question about what wire and cable is required for you or your customer's order, a quick glance at the map can clear things up before a mistake is made that could end up costing a lot. Here is the map as it currently stands on NEMA's website:

Click here to view larger image of the NEC Map.

*For an up-to-date version of the map, as well as a complete list of adoption down to the local levels.



Manufacturer Price Increase Alert

Price Alert

Belden has issued a price increase on New Generation products, effective July 6th.



NH Warehouse Manager Jim Thivierge Relocates to Collegeville, PA Location

Jim Thivierge

Jim has been indispensible as our warehouse manager in NH, and will bring his vast knowledge of the industry with him to his new position. He has over 15 years experience in the industry, having worked at Anicom and Anixter, Inc in the past. Most recently he worked as the Warehouse Manager for the Pacer Electronics division at Anixter.

With his superior knowledge, Jim will continue to be an indispensible member of the Allied Family. "I am very excited about the opportunity to continue my career with Allied in the PA office," Jim said. "I am especially looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to help bring Allied to the very top of the wire and cable industry through leadership, innovation and legendary customer service."

Welcome aboard, Jim! With that attitude, we know you'll be a fabulous asset at our PA location!



Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient products have been around for a long time now, and definitely help the everyday person do their part for the environment by using less energy and finite resources. Unfortunately, the price tag on these products might not be so nice on our wallets. I have some good news … Federal Tax Credits!

There's been talk of the tax credit available to new homeowners for a while now, but what about people that already own a house that needs repairs? With the summer heat beating down in full force in much of the country, central A/C is almost a necessity for some. However, a brand new unit isn't an easy purchase in today's market, and the cheapest energy guzzling models can look very appealing. The same goes for new doors, roofs, heaters and windows among other improvements. What kinds of incentives are available to entice people to put in a little sweat equity and opt for energy efficient models? Plenty!

A slew of credits are available for various home improvements that qualify as Energy Efficient*. The added benefit of these credits is that when something is energy efficient, it should cost you less money to maintain in the long run. Eventually, and the time frame varies depending on what it is, the project will pay for itself.

Check out some of the home improvements that qualify for tax credits:

  • Exterior Doors
  • Central AC
  • Natural Gas or Propane Furnaces
  • Metal or Asphalt Roofs
  • Solar Water Systems
  • Residential Small Wind Turbines

and even some Cars!

See, it's not all about new homebuyers anymore! There's something out there for the rest of us, so go out and get that brand new A/C you're in dire need of before you sweat out another summer!

Head on over to Energy Star to get the full scoop on these tax credits and more.

*Remember, there are restrictions that apply and not all improvements will qualify, even those technically rated as "Energy Star."