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Published on 6/6/2012

AWC eUpdate Newsletter June 2012

Customizing STJ Cable with Allied

STJ Cable

STJ cable is a popular, commercial version of M27500/NEMA WC 27500 Type RC-06 cable. It is rated to 600 volts, 200°C and is often chosen for its outstanding electrical properties, durability, and high-temperature capabilities. With Allied, you can now take this in-demand, high-performance cable to new levels of customization.

Allied Wire & Cable manufactures STJ cable on-site, in our Collegeville, PA Headquarters. With a specialization in custom cable, and total control over the process, from order to manufacture to testing, you can be sure that Allied will tailor your STJ cable to your exact requirements.

Standard STJ cables use HP3 Type E (previously M16878/4) inners, with different conductor counts and sizes. Most manufacturers offer a maximum of 4 to 5 conductors, but with Allied, your custom cable can have significantly more. The exact number depends on gauge size. You can also swap the most basic elements of the cable - the inners, to better meet your needs. Allied can substitute HP3 Type EE (M16878/5) or HP3 Type ET (M16878/6) inners if they are better suited to your application.

Generally, conductors follow the standard color code: 1 - white, 2 - black, 3 - red, 4 - green, 5 - yellow, 6 - blue. With Allied, you can change the color code, or even have custom STJ cable built with striped inners. Standard cable jackets are white, but you can specify a different color.

Braid shielding is used for signal protection and extra mechanical strength. Silver-plated copper is usually applied with at least 85% coverage, but nickel-plated copper braiding is also available.

STJ cables feature PTFE insulation and jacketing for its impressive high temperature and electrical properties, and its resistance to oils, alkalis, solvents, moisture, fungus, and flame. Allied applies PTFE tape with a minimum of two layers, which are then heat sintered to create a uniform, rigid jacket with great electrical properties and moderate abrasion resistance.

With Allied, nearly all aspects of your STJ cabling are customizable. And because we do everything on-site, we can provide lower minimums and shorter lead times than our competitors. Order minimums start at just 250 feet and STJ custom cables are usually produced in just 3 to 4 weeks - up to 25% faster than others in the industry.

To learn more about STJ cable and custom cable, or to submit an RFQ today, email info@awcwire.com.



Welcoming Wes Linton

Allied Wire & Cable at the Philadelphia CureSearch Walk 2012

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Allied family, Wes Linton. He joins Allied's Headquarters in Collegeville, PA as a sales representative. Although he's been in sales since 2007, as the Regional Director for CDMF and the General Manager at LA Fitness Sports Clubs, this is his first experience with wire and cable.

He is eager to learn the industry inside and out, and says, "I am very excited that Allied Wire & Cable gave me the opportunity to be a part of their sales team...they truly give you the family feeling of support and allow you to make the most of your career."

For those of you familiar with Chris Linton, one of our other great PA sales reps - no, they're not brothers. They're actually cousins. Of working with family, Wes says, "I'm particularly excited to work with Chris, since we've been competitive with each other for years (in sports, and everything else) and it will push me to do my best."

We're thrilled to have Wes as part of the team, and are sure his enthusiasm will take him far. Here's to a bright future with AWC!



copper june 2012

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Joke of the Month!


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The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. "I can't dear," she said. "I have to sleep in Daddy's room."

A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice: "The big sissy."

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