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Published on 3/4/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter March 2009

Don't Settle For Off-the-Shelf, Design a Custom Cable That's Just Right

Custom Cable from Allied Wire

You know those moments where, after fiddling with a standard cable for hours on end, you wish there was a cable that was exactly what you needed? Think that's impossible? It's not. A custom cable manufacturer can make that illusive cable for you.

When it comes to custom cable manufacturing, you should never have to waste time adapting a standard, stock cable to work with your specialized situations, no matter how miniscule the deviation is from the standard. Not only is it time consuming, sometimes it's physically impossible to do so.

Creating custom cable is simple. You probably know exactly what you need for your custom cable, from the conductor, to the insulation, right down to the color of the stripe for the third twisted pair. It's what you grumble to yourself as you try to rig a standard cable where it doesn't quite fit. If you're new to the trade or maybe just not 100% sure of what would work the best, don't worry about it. Just give us a call and our custom cable specialists will help you through the process.

If you're pretty sure of what you're looking for, you can visit our Custom Cable Design Center. This will make the process a lot quicker, because the most common options are outlined for you. All you have to do is provide your specific information, click which options you want for your custom cable and we'll get back to you.

Here are some of the choices you have when designing your own custom cable:

  • Tell us all about your ideal conductor. You can choose from bare, tinned or silver plated copper or nickel conductors for your custom cable. Stranded or solid, and what gauge?
  • What insulation and jacket material does your application need, and what color do you want your custom cable to be?
  • If your custom cable needs extra protection, you can choose to add a braid or shield.
  • To what standard do you need your custom cable to follow? We can follow CSA, UL, CE and even Mil-Spec standards and have your custom cable jacket printed with the appropriate coding.
  • Value-Added Services are an important part of our business, and we offer special put-ups and drum packing services. If you need your custom cable packaged in a certain way, let us know.

With Allied, you never have to settle with off-the-shelf. And don't worry about pricing; we can do long or short runs of custom cable at competitive prices, with minimums as low as 1000 ft, depending on the construction. That's all there is to it! Tell us exactly what you need, and you'll get exactly what you need with custom cable!

Visit Allied's Custom Cable Design Center to start building your custom cable now!


Spring Sales Promotion - Win Great Prizes!

Easter Drawing

Easter's right around the corner! That means pastels, brightly colored eggs and candy…for the kids of course. For us it means a fun contest for awesome prizes! To get into the spirit of Easter, every order containing at least 1000 ft of striped wire and a total order value of $1000 or more, will be entered into a drawing for an Easter basket full of goodies, including a $100 gift card to Best Buy!

For an order to be considered eligible:

  • It must include a minimum of 1000 ft of product that has been striped by Allied.
  • The total order value must be $1000 or more. Eligible orders can include connectors, cable ties, tubing and non-striped material in order to reach the $1000 order minimum.
  • Contest begins Wednesday April 1st. All eligible orders must be received by 5:00PM EST Friday April 10th.
  • One (1) Grand Prize winner will be selected at random to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card along with an basket full of goodies.
  • Eight (8) daily winners will be selected at random to receive a small basket of goodies.

Good luck to everyone, and have a Happy Easter! Don't eat too much candy!


Blog Corner


In late 2007 we introduced everyone to US Marine Craig Smith, son to Allied's Craig Smith. At the time, he had just completed boot camp and was headed home for the holidays. In our most recent blog update, the senior Craig Smith got a chance to see his son, who is now Lance Corporal, during a visit to Camp Lejeune, NC. Click here to read all the details of the father and son visit.