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Published on 5/3/2006

AWC eUpdate Newsletter May 2006

Allied Expands Value Added Services

Twisting in Progress
  • Do you need an inexpensive multi-conductor cable with your exact color code?   We can twist up to 5 conductors together.
  • Do you need your wire specially printed?   With our laser printer and special PTFE print heads, we can print almost any wire.
  • Or do you need wire to send to production?   Our cutting and stripping machinery can save you lots of time and money.

If you did not already know, Allied Wire and Cable is a full line value-added distributor. Because our customers deserve the best service available, we offer a variety of services to customize your order. From printing to dyeing and from braiding to stripping, we can do whatever you need - we are your one-stop-shop for all your wire and cable needs.

Due to ever increasing demand, Allied is adding more value-added machines and services. In addition to the 13 fully automatic re-spooling machines we already have in our two warehouse facilities, we have two more ordered, due to arrive by the beginning of June. We also have 7 highly efficient dyeing machines and 10 striping machines for both PTFE and PVC coated wire. By offering these and other value-added services such as cutting and stripping, twisting, braiding.

And all our value added services don't just happen in our warehouses. Our I.T. department is currently working on a new feature: shipping confirmation by email. This service should be available in mid-late summer. When your order is ready to leave our facilities, you will receive an email with the packing list attached in PDF format. Also, if your order is shipped by UPS, your tracking number will appear in the body of the email.

For a full listing of all our value-added services, please visit our value-added services page.



AWC Salesman/Former Pro-Basketball Player Visits Local School

Chris Burke Visits Local School

Allied Wire and Cable has its very own giant. At, 6'10", Chris Burke is hard to miss. Anyone who sees him would have to assume that he played basketball - and that he did. Chris played professional basketball in Europe for 5 years. This past April Chris took the time out of his busy day to visit a local school and speak with the 4 and 5 year-old class there.

During his basketball career, Chris played for teams in Italy, France, Spain and even Argentina. He also participated in training camp and played exhibition games with several NBA teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers. He even had the opportunity to play an exhibition game with the Sixers against the US Olympic Team, who were training for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Chris also helped run summer basketball camps for children at Villanova and St. Josephs University for several years in the 80s.

Chris spoke to the students about his basketball career and the opportunity it gave him to travel the globe. He told them about what it was like to play with some of NBA's biggest stars, including Charles Barkley. Chris encouraged the children to listen to their parents and teachers. He also encouraged them to be active by playing sports, and to always try their best, even if they may not be successful.