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Published on 5/7/2008

AWC eUpdate Newsletter May 2008

Copper Survival Guide

Copper Prices

Every month, AWC provides copper price updates via our eUpdate newsletter. Looking at the numbers each month, you may have noticed prices on the Camden and Comex have been reaching record highs. Although the cost of copper remains on the rise, AWC is devoted to finding ways customers can save money.

The increasing cost of copper is a concern for both sellers and consumers in the wire and cable industry. The high prices are of immediate interest because as they elevate, the price of wire and cable is directly affected. Based on the current trend, no market slowdown is within sight. Prices are likely to keep going up.

Generic Equals: Ask your salesperson if there's a generic equal to the part you are using. If you are currently buying a brand name wire or cable product, switching to a product with all the same characteristics minus the brand name will save you money. Our wire and cable "equals" are both cost efficient and reliable. Your salesperson will be able to recommend the most appropriate equal for you.

Blanket Purchase Orders: To help alleviate the growing cost of wire and cable, customers may place blanket orders to lock in current prices. Knowing how much wire you will need in the near future and buying it now, will help save money down the line.

Allied Wire and Cable is continuously committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We understand that part of great customer service is providing the lowest prices available to our customers. AWC is dedicated to helping you save money. Look to AWC for continued copper updates.

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Manufacturer Price Increase Alert

Wire Price Increase Alert

Three major manufacturers have announced price increases for the month of June.

Amphenol Connex: June 1, 2008.
Panduit: June 9, 2008. The increase, an average of 3%, will affect their Surface Raceway Products.
Switchcraft: June 9, 2008.


AWC Adds Sales Reps in New England and Wisconsin

Debby Lupo and Traci Saunders

Allied Wire and Cable has added two wire and cable professionals to its sales team. Traci Saunders joined AWC's New England Division as an inside sales representative and Debby Lupo recently became an inside sales representative at the Wisconsin Division of the company.

Originally from Massachusetts, Traci Saunders possesses previous experience in the wire and cable industry having worked as a purchaser. In addition, she has over 15 years experience in customer support. Before coming to Allied Wire, Saunders worked at Azores Corp in Wilmington, MA.

"At Allied Wire, I am most looking forward to talking with and establishing a good business relationship with customers," said Saunders. "I have been on the purchasing end, so I know as a buyer what is important to the customer."

Debby Lupo, who has been with AWC since July 2006, has moved into a sales position in WI. Lupo brings extensive experience along with her as she has been in the wire and cable industry since 1991.

"Through many years of helping people with their wire and cable needs, I have learned quite a bit about wire, cable, tubing and sleeving, but I still learn something new everyday," said Lupo. "I am looking forward to giving the best customer care that I possibly can. I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to represent Allied Wire & Cable!"

More information on Debby Lupo and Traci Saunders can be found on our Key People Page.