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Published on 11/2/2011

AWC eUpdate Newsletter November 2011

Spread Hope this Holiday Season

2011 Charity Week

Allied Wire & Cable has always believed that charity begins at home, and that we all have the responsibility to help out our fellow Americans who have fallen on desperate times. It's always great to be able to give back to the people and charitable organizations that help us get through tough times, but for many reasons not everyone gets the opportunity to do that.

We asked our employees to pay-it-forward and nominate the 5 charities that have touched their lives and families; the organizations that have truly made a difference in their lives. We received several touching stories from our employees as they nominated their favorite charities for the vote. And because your orders fund the donation collected during Charity Week in December, we once again opened the voting up to you, our customers.

You selected CureSearch™ for Children's Cancer as the beneficiary of this year's Charity Week!

Stephanie Thomas nominated CureSearch for Children's Cancer: "I wanted to nominate a charity that is close to my heart, CureSearch for Children's Cancer. My son, Michael died from an ATRT when he was only 2 years old. He was diagnosed in June 13th, 2009 and passed away by January 23rd, 2010. The money CureSearch raises goes towards finding a cure for all kinds of childhood cancer so that no parent has to deal with the loss of a child."

CureSearch has made it their mission to fund and support children's cancer research so the survival rate of children's cancer can reach 100%. Over the last 40 years it has increased from 10% to 78%, but CureSearch wants "to guarantee a cure for every child with cancer." Funding research isn't their only goal; they also provide information, resources, and a sense of community to anyone affected by children's cancer so no one ever has to face it alone.

In the true spirit of the holidays, Allied Wire & Cable will be donating $1000 to the top two runners-up in the vote: the ASPCA and Autism Speaks. The American Diabetes Association and the National MS Society will each receive a $250 donation.

Thank you to all our employees that nominated the charities that mean the most to them, and to our employees for casting their votes. Help us make wishes come true this holiday season, by placing your orders during the week of December 19th through the 23rd. Click here to see the flyer.

Together we can make a difference.



Joke of the Month!


It's the day before Thanksgiving, and the butcher is just locking up when a man begins pounding on the front door.

"Please let me in," says the man desperately. "I forgot to buy a turkey, and my wife will kill me if I don't come home with one."

"Okay," says the butcher. "Let me see what I have left." He goes into the freezer and discovers that there's only one scrawny turkey left. He brings it out to show the man.

"That's one is too skinny. What else you got?" says the man.

The butcher takes the bird back into the freezer and waits a few minutes and brings the same turkey back out to the man.

"Oh, no," says the man, "That one doesn't look any better. You better give me both of them!"

Source: www.ahajokes.com



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