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Published on 9/30/2014

AWC eUpdate Newsletter September 2014


Allied Debuts New Cable Basics Video

Allied Debuts New Cable Basics Video

We have recently added the third and final video to our Cable Basics series, Cable Basics 105: Shielding and Armor. It is the last installment to the informative series of videos, and wraps up the succession by discussing the outermost components to a wire.

Cable Basics 105: Shielding and Armor. introduces many different materials and types of shielding and armor, and explains exactly how they work hand in hand with other components. The video begins by explaining how a shield’s main purpose is to prevent signal leakage and interference from nearby cables, and is made of a conductive metal, commonly copper or aluminum foil. This video also breaks down the different types of shielding, such as foil, braid, spiral, and combination shields, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each option.

Next, the video goes into detail about armor. Armor does exactly what it sounds like – it is a tough outer layer of the wire and helps to prevent physical damage, and is usually made of a strong metal like steel or aluminum. The video also explains what type of applications armor would be necessary to have, considering many jackets are just as tough as armor – armor is for the more extreme and harsh environments and adds an extra layer of protection.

The first video in the Cable Basics series is titled Cable Basics 101: Conductors, and visits the topic of conductors, and goes into detail about the different materials and varying types of conductors. This video helps to emphasize just how important the material, size, and type of conductor is to the wire's functionality. The second video in the series, titled Cable Basics 104: Insulation and Jacketing, focuses entirely on the functions and components of a wire's insulation and jacket, as well as where these components are located in a wire and how they work together with the other pieces as a whole.

Now that the series is complete, we urge you to take a look at the titled Cable Basics playlist on our AWC YouTube channel, as well as the plethora of other informative videos we have to offer!

See the full press release here!




Congratulations to AWC’s 2014 Scholarship Winner - Peyton Lamkins

Congratulations to AWC’s 2014 Scholarship Winner - Peyton Lamkins

Allied Wire & Cable is thrilled to announce that the recipient of this year’s $10,000 scholarship is Peyton Lamkins, daughter of Paula Lamkins, a core creative member of the marketing team since 2009.

This fall, Peyton will be attending Tyler School of Art at Temple University, and will be focusing on the Fine Arts program. During her second year, she will have the option to narrow her concentration to a more specific field, whether it be drawing and painting or metal working and package design, Tyler School of Art offers a plethora of choices.

The annual AWC scholarship which began in 2011 is awarded each August to a deserving college-bound student. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student must be a child of an employee who has been here at least three years, and is a high school senior with a minimum 3.0 GPA. A compelling essay explaining their application is also required. The winner of the scholarship receives $2,500/year for a four-year program, or $2,000/year for a five-year program, totaling $10,000 over the course of the student’s college career.

Allied Wire & Cable began the tradition of the AWC annual scholarship in 2011, making Peyton the fourth student recipient. Peyton states she is “thrilled and proud” to have earned such a generous award. “In high school, you keep hearing that hard work and good grades may give you a shot at a scholarship. It doesn't seem real until you get lucky enough to have it happen to you!"

AWC is honored to help out such a deserving and bright young woman, and looks forward to supporting other students in the future. After all, that’s what family is for.

Read more about this bright young scholar in our full press release!




Football Pool Update – It’s Not Too Late!

Football Pool - It's not to late to join

To all you football fans out there – it’s not too late to play!

Although our Allied's Annual Football Pick ‘Em Challenge is in full swing, it’s not too late to join in to some of the fun. You can play whichever weeks you want and try to take home one of our incredible prizes, including our grand prize of a $500 gift card!

Also, be sure to try out some of the new features like our Sideline Challenge, where each week a fun question or challenge will be posted and simply answering will enter you in the drawing for fun prizes! You don't need to be an NFL aficionado to win a prize – many questions are fun and quirky, and are just an extra chance to take home a win.

So even if you’re not pulling any wins with your season rankings, don’t lose hope! There are still plenty of chances to come out a winner. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.  And if you already have an account, login here and make your picks! Good luck!




Allied Wire - Cable that is Out of this World – Lighting up Automotive LED Effects

Football Pool - It's not to late to join

When it comes to many problems, the solution is sometimes simple – this particular custom cable case study is a prime example.

The customer runs a family-owned automotive business which specializes in customized lights and accessories for cars. In order to satisfy their customers with their WiFi-controlled LED lights, some special cable was needed!

They requested a custom automotive cable containing 4 TXL wires. Each individual wire needed to be 20 AWG with a 7 stranded bare copper conductor. The main issue was the need for differentiating wire colors; they requested red, green blue and black for each TXL wire, and having these contained in a black overall jacket. This request came to us via our online design form, and we quickly got the ball rolling on their custom order.

The customer was pleased with the quick service, the simple design center, and most importantly – the cable! If you find yourself in need of some custom cable, don’t hesitate to contact us directly online through our Custom Cable Design Center like this customer did, or call us at 800-472-4655 to get started.

Read the full case study here!




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"We have here what’s called a pregnancy suit," said the woman instructor, holding up an artificial stomach with a strap. "This imitates the feeling of being pregnant." Which Husband will volunteer to be the first one to try it on?"

"I will" said one man, taking the suit and trying it on. "This isn’t too bad," said the man walking around. "I think I could get used to this." "Ok", said the instructor smiling; "now I would like you to bend down and pick up my pen from the floor."

"You want me to pick it up?" He said hesitantly, "Just as I would if I was pregnant?" "Yes!" said the instructor.

"Honey," said the man turning to his spouse "do you mind picking up that pen for me?"

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