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Published on 9/2/2009

AWC eUpdate Newsletter September 2009

Referral Appreciation Program

Referral Program

In an economy as tough as ours is today, it’s important to be thankful for any business, new or returning. form the foundation of any company, and without you, Allied wouldn’t be where it is today. So when a customer feels at ease recommending a colleague or another company to us, it reminds us that we are doing a good job. We truly appreciate your loyalty and kind words.

That’s why Allied is bringing back our Referral Appreciation Program! It is our way of saying thank you to customers that go out of their way to speak positively about us.

For every referral, you will receive:

  • (1) Blockbuster movie card

If that referral results in an order higher than $100, you will also receive a gift card, whose value is determined by the amount of the order:

  • New order over $100: (1) $10 gift card
  • New order over $500: (1) $50 gift card
  • New order over $1000: (1) $100 gift card

This offer is only valid for the 1st order of a new customer or a customer that hasn’t done business with us for 2 years or more.



DuPont Discontinues Hypalon® Production

Hypalon wire

In May of this year, DuPont announced that it will discontinue the production of Hypalon®, DuPont's trademark for chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber in the fourth quarter of 2009. Due to pressure from environmental agencies and the consumer public, soaring costs and the dangerous manufacturing process itself, DuPont will shut down their only Hypalon® production operation in Beaumont, TX.

With ever increasing demands for wire and cable that can withstand huge amounts of heat and other damaging forces, Hypalon® has been a popular choice for wire and cable production due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and UV light. While these are very attractive qualities, it is not flame retardant and will eventually catch fire. Once this happens, toxic gases occur, which threaten the environment and any people nearby.

The discontinuation of DuPont’s Hypalon® production at the end of the year is further evidence of the predominance of environmental concerns surrounding the manufacturing industry. Environmental concerns in the manufacturing industry have been on the rise for years, with substances considered hazardous being added to ban lists all over the world. With REACH and RoHS compliance taking hold, hazardous materials like CSPE may be forced into retirement, no matter how popular they are.

Now that one of the largest suppliers of CSPE will no longer produce it soon, consumers must make a decision: stay with CSPE and find it elsewhere or switch to a different material. DuPont was not the only manufacturer of CSPE, and the material can still be found through other suppliers. However, if the end of DuPont Hypalon® production and the environmental hazards of the material make you want to switch, thermoset CPE is a good alternative to Hypalon® because it is also UV and chemical resistant as well as tear resistant. Other materials are also available with characteristics similar to CPE and CSPE.

Thankfully, both choices offer little disruption for end users. Either manufacturers’ products will go on unchanged, or they’ll begin using a new material that is so similar to Hypalon® that no one will be able to tell the difference. And you’ll be doing the environment a favor, as well.



Allied Adds New Field Sales Representative for PA and Surrounding Regions


Allied Wire & Cable is proud to introduce the newest member of the Allied Family, Debbie DeBowes. Debbie is a Field Sales Representative based in Pennsylvania. She will handle Pennsylvania and the surrounding states of Maryland, Delaware and Ohio.

With her most recent experience as a Regional Distribution Sales Manager for Amphenol, Debbie has spent 23 years in the electronics industry. She has extensive experience with electronic components, including wire & cable and accessories, after working as a Branch Manager for Allied Electronics and a Field Sales Representative for PEI Genesis.

Customer support is a top priority at Allied, and the entire company is excited to have the opportunity to expand the support available in this region. “I have observed the dedication Allied has to their customers, and the pride they share for their company,” Debbie said. "I feel fortunate to have joined this motivated team and look forward to contributing to the excitement that is Allied Wire & Cable!" Click here to learn more about our entire sales team!



Blog Corner


Allied’s Blog Has Moved! Check out the new home of the Allied Wire & Cable Blog. With the new home comes a new look that coordinates with the new look of our website. There are a lot of plans in the works for the blog, so set a bookmark and keep coming back!

Allied in the News! We were recently featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the Top 25 Local Family-Owned Businesses. We were ranked #12, next to several other fantastic businesses in the Philadelphia area. Click here to check out our entry and see who else ranked alongside us!

Make-A-Wish Update: We received an update from our local Make-A-Wish chapter, detailing the wish our recent contributions helped to fund. Click here to read all the details!



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