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Published on 9/29/2015

AWC eUpdate Newsletter September 2015


Warehouse Remodel at Allied Headquarters Nears Completion

Allied Warehouse Remodel

You saw the signs. New hires, new location, new partnerships, new products—we've been growing. To keep up with the growth, we knew we'd have to make some changes. We began remodeling the warehouse at our Collegeville, PA headquarters in January 2015, with the goal of expanding our capabilities by bringing in more machinery and making the most effective use of the space we have. 

After roughly eight months of remodeling, the project is 90% complete. Production is humming along faster than ever with the addition of new equipment. Our Spooling station expanded by 50%. Quality Control increased by 120%, and we added a new lane to the Packing department. We also brought in new conveyor belts and shelving for Inventory. 

In order to make room for all the new equipment, we had to do some rearranging. Except for Maintenance, the Value-Added Services room, and our Government division, all departments were moved. The biggest part of the department shuffle was switching Shipping and Receiving, which reversed the flow of the warehouse so that everything now moves in the opposite direction. This was done in order to create more space for the Shipping station. (We need lots of room to ensure we can keep fulfilling our In By One, Consider It Done guarantee!) The new production floor layout is built around three main "traffic" lanes instead of the two we used to have, to increase efficiency and maneuverability.

With the bulk of the remodeling complete, we asked Operations Manager Bill Penny what he thought the most challenging part of remodeling was. He compared the process to “moving into a new house,” in the sense that it takes time to get used to where everything is. He explained that it’s a challenge to adjust to a new system and new ways of doing things, after being so used to the old way for so long. While we're still settling in, during the next phase, we'll be tying up loose ends, sorting inventory, hiring more employees, and implementing some new procedures.

So far our remodeling undertaking has been successful, and we are confident that the work that remains to be done will also support the project's main objective: to expand our capabilities, so that we can continue to provide the high quality products and excellent service we are famous for, even as we continue to grow. Many thanks to all involved! 


It's not too late. Sign up for AWC's Football Pick'Em Challenge!

Allied's Pro Football Pick'Em Challenge

The saying “better late than never” was true for the Cowboys in their season opener against the New York Giants. Although it took them until nearly the end of the game to show up, they showed up nonetheless, and secured a win over the Giants in the last seven seconds of the game. This was just one exhilarating game from the first few weeks of play, and by the looks of it, the remainder of the 2015 NFL season seems like it’ll be nothing short of entertaining. 

Although the first few weeks have passed, there are still 14 weeks left in the regular season, which means you can still sign up to play the Allied Pick’Em Challenge. The “better late than never” saying holds true here, too. By signing up today, you’ll still be in the running for lots of great prizes, including weekly prizes, grand prizes, and prizes for simply participating.

Signing up is fast, free, and easy. Click here to create a login. If you already have one, click here to make your Week 4 picks. Remember, it’s not too late. You too could be a winner!



Straight From the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom Composite Communication Cable

Custom Cable Case Study

A customer came to us with a custom cable request that involved something most of us use on a daily basis–our phones. However, as someone whose job involved negotiating with hostage takers, this customer had to take his phone technology more seriously than the everyday user.

The customer needed a custom cable that would be able to be used as part of a phone device, so negotiators could throw the phone through windows and doors to communicate with hostage takers. The cable needed to be flexible and able to withstand harsh environments, so we created a custom composite communication cable to meet the customer’s needs.

To learn more about the specifics of the custom cable we created, read the full custom cable case study.


Video Spotlight

Video: A Pirate's Guide to LSZH Cables

If ye missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day because ye were out scrapin' barnacles off yer vessel or harrassin' the local bar wenches, then ye probably missed our video greeting. So avast, ye! Turn yer eyes upon this treasure — our own Pirate's Guide to LSZH cables.


Joke of the Month

A pirate walks into a bar. He has a wooden leg, a hook, and an eye patch. The barkeep hands him a grog asks him a question.
Barkeep: Do you mind if I ask how you got that wooden leg? 
Pirate: Arrgh, cannonball.
Barkeep: Oh, dear,how about the hook?" 
Pirate: Arrgh, great white shark.
Barkeep: That must have been painful. And the eye patch?
Pirate: Arrgh, seagull.
Barkeep: Good heavens! A seagull flew into your eye?
Pirate: No. I happened to look up just as the blasted bird dropped ballast.
Barkeep: Unfortunate, but how could that cause you to lose your eye?
Pirate: Arrgh, 'twas the first day I had the hook.

Source: Pretty Good Joke of the Day

National Coffee Day Giveaway!

Coffee Day

Lots of places are offering a free cup of joe today in honor of National Coffee Day. Here's something you can get without waiting in line—your own Allied mug! To win it, all you need to do is guess the number of coffee beans it holds. We'll even throw in a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts to keep your mug filled and you fully caffeinated. Visit our Facebook page to make your guess! (Or email us your guess at connect@awcwire.com if you can't get on Facebook.)





Blog Corner


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