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Published on 9/28/2016

AWC eUpdate Newsletter September 2016

Allied Welcomes Industry Vet to Sales Team

Simon Weil

Allied's sales team is always expanding, and one of our newest team members is joining us with several years of industry experience. Simon Weil, a wire and cable veteran, has been in the business for over twenty-five years and has worked for a number of well-known wire and cable manufacturers and distributors. Simon is a promising, well-rounded industry veteran, whose knowledge and experience will be an extreme asset to Allied customers. We look forward to seeing how he uses his previous experiences to make a positive impact here at AWC.

Prior to starting his job as a sales representative at AWC, Simon worked for Anixter as a wire and cable specialist. Simon spent a significant portion of his wire and cable career at Anixter, working with them for just over twenty years. Before joining Anixter, he worked for Houston Wire & Cable as well as for General Cable, where he began his wire and cable career as an inside sales rep.

One of our main goals at Allied is to provide our customers with the best service possible, and given Simon's experience, we think he'll fit right in. We're pleased to have Simon on board and we look forward to all the ways in which he'll be a valuable resource to our team and our customers. To learn a little more about our newest Allied member, read his Key People bio here.

There's Still Time to Play in the Pick 'Em Challenge!

Allied's Pick 'Em Challenge 2016

The NFL Pick 'Em Challenge is a popular fall tradition among our sales reps and customers at Allied. It's a chance for you to be able to put your football knowledge to the test in order to be in the running for some major prizes while also competing with your sales rep and your coworkers in the office for bragging rights that will stay with you long after the challenge is complete. 

If you're thinking it's too late to sign up since the football season already kicked off, think again! There's still time to sign up to put your knowledge (or your luck) to the test, because there's still an entire 14 weeks left in the season!

National Coffee Day Giveaway!

National Coffee Day Giveaway

National Coffee Day is this Thursday, September 29 and while lots of places are offering a free cup of joe to celebrate, you can also count on Allied to keep you wired! That's because we're hosting our own coffee day giveaway, and all you have to do to win is be an expert bean counter. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page on Thursday, September 29, because we'll be posting a tasty picture of one of our original Allied mugs, filled to the top with tons of coffee beans! Take a guess at how many you think are in there, and you'll receive an Allied coffee mug and Dunkin' Donuts gift card to keep your mug full and you fully caffeinated at all times.

Straight from the Drawing Board: A Case Study about Custom LMR Cable

Custom Cable Case Study

What’s better than one LMR-195 cable? Two LMR-195 cables under the same jacket! 

When a customer of ours in the electric utility industry approached us about a custom cable for a dual purpose antenna, a Custom LMR Cable seemed to be the answer. Read on here to learn all about the design process and specs of our newest custom cable.

Video Spotlight

National Ampersand Day

What do peanut butter & jelly, hide & seek, and Allied Wire & Cable all have in common? They're all well-known ampersand pairings! And just in case you missed National Ampersand Day (really, how could you?) on Thursday, September 8th, we've got an Allied original Ampersand Day video for your viewing pleasure! Check it out and see if you can think of any fun pairings that we forgot!

AWC is on Twitter!

AWC Joins Twitter

Allied now has just one more way to serve our customers -- via Twitter! Log in and connect to us at @awcwire to see our Allied Fact of the Week, latest product specs, company events, case studies, FAQs, and special pricing. Follow Allied Wire & Cable on Twitter here.

Joke of the Month


A guy drives into a ditch, but luckily, a farmer is there to help. He hitches his horse, Buddy, up to the car and yells, "Pull, Nellie, pull!" Buddy doesn't move.

"Pull, Buster, pull!" Buddy doesn't budge.

"Pull, Coco, pull!" Nothing.

Then the farmer says, "Pull, Buddy, pull!" And the horse drags the car out of the ditch.

Curious, the motorist asks the farmer why he kept calling his horse by the wrong name.

"Buddy's blind," said the farmer. "And if he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn't even try."

Source: http://www.rd.com/jokes/animal/

Blog Corner


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