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Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Track Cable

Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Track Cable

Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Product Approvals:

  • CE
  • RoHS Hook-up WireRoHS Compliant

Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Construction:

  • Conductor: Bare copper strands
  • Outer Jacket: Polyurethane, TMPU with rough surface
  • Jacket Color: Purple
  • Core Insulation: TPE-E
  • Stranding: Specially adjusted layering with netting tape and one additional non-woven tape over the outer layer
  • Color Code: Colored green-yellow earth wire from 3 conductors

Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Applications:

  • Two conductor Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable should be applied as data transmission cable for the supply of sensors. Three conductor Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable is applied for supply of actors.

Polyurethane Interbus Loop Cable Technical Data:

  • Peak Operating Voltage: max. 350 V
  • Testing Voltage: 1000 V
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 15 x O.D.
  • Characteristic Impedance at 250 MHz - 10 MHz: For two-conductor cables: 75 O ± 15%
  • Temperature Range:
    • Static: -50/+90°C
    • Flexing: -40/+90°C
  • Radiation Resistance: 5 x 107 cJ/kg
  • Weather Resistance: Very good
  • Oil Resistance: Very good - TMPU
  • Chemical Resistance: Good against acids, alkalines, solvents, hydraulic liquids etc.
  • Corrosivity: No development of corrosive conflagration gases
  • Flexibility: Very good
  • Application In Cable Tracks: Recommended
Part Number AWG SizeNo. of Cond.Conductor StrandingApprox LBS/MFTNom. O.D. of Cable (in)
30264265-54 16 2 27-29/30 50 0.303
30269265-54 16 3 27-29/30 60 0.319