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RG178 Cable (RG178B U Cable)


RG178 Cable

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What is RG 178 Cable?

RG178 coax is part of Allied’s High Temperature Coaxial Cable line. This cable features stranded silver covered copper clad steel, a solid polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric, Silver Covered Copper Braid outer shield and a Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Type IX per MIL-C-17 jacket. RG178 is also rated to M17/93-RG178 Mil-Spec coaxial cable.

RG178 Specs and Construction:

  • Conductor Stranding: 7/.004"
  • Inner Conductor: Stranded Silver Covered Copper Clad Steel
  • Conductor Diameter: 0.0120"
  • Dielectric: Solid Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Diaelectric Diameter: 0.033"
  • Outer Conductor: Silver Covered Copper Braid
  • Shield Diameter: 0.051"
  • Jacket: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Type IX per MIL-C-17
  • Jacket Diameter: 0.071"
  • Bend Radius: 0.4"

Frequency and Attenuation Chart:

Frequency (MHz & GHz) Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
100 MHz 14.7 / 16.0
400 MHz 30.2 / 33.0
1 GHz 48.9 / 52.0
2.4 GHz 78.7 / 83.3

Electrical Specifications and Approvals:

  • Impedance (ohms): 50 +/-2
  • Capacitance (pF/ft): 29.4
  • Max Voltage: 1000
  • Mil Spec Equivalent: M17/93-RG178 Cable

RG178 Coax Cable Applications:

Common applications for RG178 cable include radio frequency communications, data transmission and miniature coax. More specifically, RG-178 may be used in GPS systems, PDAs, security equipment, hands-free voice-controlled devices, mobile phones, broadcast equipment, remote controls, and more. This type of coaxial cable is approved for direct burial applications. RG178 coaxial cable is also suitable for high temperature applications.

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Per specification, RG178 coax cable will have splices. If continuous lengths are needed, please ask.

Part Number Conductor StrandingNom. Dia. of Cond.Dielectric (in)Nom. O.D. (in)Nom. Imp.Nom. Cap. (pF/ft)Approx LBS/MFT
RG178B 7/.0040 0.0120 0.033 0.0710 50 29.4 9.00