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Base Station Components

Upgrading base station components ahead of the 5G network is critical. Updating RRU cable and BBU cable will be a crucial step as part of a new HTTA (hybrid to the antenna) system capable of handling the 5G network.  C-RAN fronthauls will need higher capacity fiber connectors to allow greater amounts of data to multiple remote base stations.

Backhaul architecture will need to accommodate cost-efficient, backward compatible, dense deployment of network infrastructure that facilitates the low latency demands of 5G systems. The goal of creating a combined fronthaul backhaul network would be to align the evolution of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Cloud RAN (CRAN) through the use of updating legacy base station and backhaul systems.  Installing upgraded backhaul fiber cable or hybrid cable can be a cost-effective way to create a future proof 5G ready base station solution

Fronthaul Cable

Backhaul Cable

Custom Base Station Cables

Whether you are looking for an FTTA fiber cable or need more wattage run to the antennas we have a custom solution for you. Our hybrid cables offer a solution that requires fewer tower attachments and can be used as trunk cables. All of our custom base station cables can be pre-terminated and cut to length depending on your needs. We can help retrofit existing base stations or come up with a solution for new base stations that will handle 5G and other future high demand networks.

Talk with one of our 5G base station solution professionals to come up with a custom cabling application that works for you.

For more information or any questions that you may have, call our 5G division at 833-836-7727.