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Continuous Flex Control Cables

Continuous Flex Control Cables come in a variety of configurations with different materials, ratings, performance characteristics, and flexibilities. Allied Wire and Cable’s line of continuous flex control cables include Halogen-Free, Polyurethane and Shielded varieties to better suit your specific application. All of these continuous flex are designed to withstand repetitive or constant motion during operation.

Regular cables will sustain internal damage and possibly break if put under this type of constant bending and twisting stress, and therefore are not recommended for moving applications. Higher flex cables also offer a considerably longer service life than other types of cables. While a typical cable might be able to sustain half a million cycles, a flex cable can withstand 1-3 million cycles.

For applications requiring a small bending radius, our Very Flexible Continuous Flex Cables are ideal, with a minimum bending radius of just 7.5x the cables' overall diameter. Allied’s heavy duty Halogen-Free Polyurethane Continuous Flex Cables add extra safety precautions for high security data exchange environments. If you are dealing with a power supply application in an environment where oil is present, consider Oil Resistant Control Cable or Oil and Abrasion Resistant Cable.

Allied Wire & Cable carries an extensive variety of continuous flex wire and cable. If you can't find the exact continuous flex control cables that you are looking for, please contact an Allied representative.